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Screencasting with My Media’s native CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder.

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CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder is great alternative to other screencasting tools such as Camtasia, Jing, Screencast-O-Matic, etc..

  • CaptureSpace Lite is free for all of us using PCC’s D2L Brightspace
  • CaptureSpace Lite is integrated into Brightspace through Kaltura’s MyMeda interface. It will upload, store and publish your recordings to any place in the Content area, or Announcements or any other place of your course (where you can find a D2L’s HTML editor with exception of the email).
  • CaptureSpace Lite is very easy to use. It offers basic editing capabilities with Trim or Chop tools. It can help you to add titles or credits for your video.

Please keep in mind that you will need to upload a captioning file (or use the automatic transcription service) along with your recording to provide captions in order to meet accessibility standards for your class.

Here are the basic steps that will get you started with CaptureSpace Lite Recorder:

    1. Enter MyMedia tool located on D2L Brightspace landing page a.k.a. My Home area.
      MyMedia tool located on Navigation Bar of D2L's My Home area.
    2. Once in MyMedia click on Add New and select CaptureSpace Lite.CapyureSpaceLite
    3. You will be prompted to download the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.
      Download and Install the app. (If downloading on your PCC workstation/laptop, then you may need to contact IT helpdesk at x4400 to install.)
      Download CaptureSpace Lite
    4. After installing, go back to the My Media Homepage and click on the Add New button and select CaptureSpace Light again.
    5. Check the box to allow Kaltura CaptureSpace to be open when you click on the link.
      Open Kultura protocol pop-up window
    6. The Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will launch, providing you with 4 options to make a recording.
      Choose Screen option for a basic screencasting recording.
      You can choose other options too if you want to record with your WebCam or make an audio recording using a microphone or a headset.
      Kultura CaptureScreen starting screen
    7. On the next screen you will have an option to select an area of your screen or choose full screen for the recording.
      Click Record to proceed.
      Window that allows to select a display or area of the screen for recording
    8. This control panel will pop up, once the recording is in progress, so you can pause, stop, cancel or engage a drawing tool.
      Control screen for the recording operation.
    9. The drawing tool offers you variety of colors, pencils and highlighters which you can use during the recording to provide some additional annotation for your presentation.
      Draw feature during recording
    10. Click on Done to finish the recording.
      Control window, click On DoneEditing tools window
    11. The <strong “>Preview screen will pop up and you can review your work and perform basic editing for your video using <strong “>Trim, <strong “>Chop, <strong “>Titles and <strong “>Credits controls. Click <strong “>Done to proceed to the next stepDone Button
    12. Provide and appropriate title and description for your video. If you add the tag “captionasr,” Kaltura will automatically transcribe your media file. Click <strong “>Upload. CaptureSpace Lite will start uploading your video to MyMedia. It may take few minutes for the upload to be completed.Upload window
    13. My Media will process your video and soon it will be visible on top of your MyMedia page. Now you can use it in any of your D2L courses.
      Your Recordingin MyMedia
    14. Publishing your screencast in the Content area of your course is easy.
      Just open an HTML editor and use Insert Stuff button.D2L HTML editor Insert Stuff button
    15. Find your video under MyMedia option. Select the video, click Next and preview your screencast embedded in your HTML file.
      Insert Stuff windeow select a video