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Posted in November 2017

Screenshot for Films On Demand search function. Bringing Films on Demand into a course in D2L Brightspace
With latest changes in D2L Brightspace the instructors can bring now videos from “Films on Demand” library right into the content of any module using HTML editor and Insert Stuff tool with few easy steps. Posted November 27, 2017
bag of money Regular and substantive interaction
Learn about Regular and Substantive Interaction in online classes. Posted November 20, 2017
Jane Librarian sample entry Embed a Librarian in Your D2L Brightspace Course 3 comments for "Embed a Librarian in Your D2L Brightspace Course"
Add a librarian to your online class to help students with research questions and more! Posted November 13, 2017
sending email Pre-term email to students 4 comments for "Pre-term email to students"
Use a pre-term email to connect with students and improve completion rates. Posted November 6, 2017