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Embed a Librarian in Your D2L Brightspace Course

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Do you teach an online course that would benefit from the presence of a librarian to assist your students in research for essays and projects?

Now you can embed a librarian in your D2L Brightspace course by adding them using the new Librarian role type.

The Librarian role allows a librarian to see your content, discussions, and assignments and to interact with your students via discussion posts and email messages from the classlist.

If you’re interested in having a librarian embedded in your D2L Brightspace course, contact a librarian at your campus library or the subject liaison librarian for your discipline to work out the details of their participation in your course.

Once you know which librarian will be assisting with your course, you can add them to your course via these simple instructions.


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x (Comment #30744) by Debra Lippoldt 5 years ago (Comment #30744)

I love this idea. Can you clarify what access the librarian position gives? Are there any FERPA concerns re: access to grades, etc? Just curious. Thanks, Debra

x (Comment #30747) by Michael Moss 5 years ago (Comment #30747)


Good question. In consideration of FERPA, the librarian role specifically doesn’t have access to student grades or to student submissions for assignments or quizzes. The role only has access for the purpose of providing assistance to students, so the librarian can see course content and assignment instructions (so as to know what is expected of the students) and discussions and the classlist so that they can post to the discussion topics and email the students. The role is an attempt to emulate the experience of a librarian coming to a classroom to help students, likely on specific projects, such as a research paper.

x (Comment #30751) by Debra Lippoldt 5 years ago (Comment #30751)

Thanks! Sounds good.