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Anonymous user An easy way to get students to ask questions 9 comments for "An easy way to get students to ask questions"
Learn how Jennifer used an anonymous discussion topic to help students ask questions they weren't comfortable asking before. Posted December 4, 2017
Screenshot for Films On Demand search function. Bringing Films on Demand into a course in D2L Brightspace
With latest changes in D2L Brightspace the instructors can bring now videos from “Films on Demand” library right into the content of any module using HTML editor and Insert Stuff tool with few easy steps. Posted November 27, 2017
bag of money Regular and substantive interaction
Learn about Regular and Substantive Interaction in online classes. Posted November 20, 2017
Jane Librarian sample entry Embed a Librarian in Your D2L Brightspace Course 3 comments for "Embed a Librarian in Your D2L Brightspace Course"
Add a librarian to your online class to help students with research questions and more! Posted November 13, 2017
large icon- tutorials and tech support Using Release Conditions to guide your students
Explore some interested uses of Release Conditions to guide students through course activities. Posted October 30, 2017
missing puzzle piece Embracing the current and future browser landscape 1 comment for "Embracing the current and future browser landscape"
Flash and other legacy media types are going away. Learn more and see if your content is ready for this change. Posted October 9, 2017
image of text with corrections marked up with red pen. Screencast your feedback for better learning
Screencasting, or recording your computer or deviceʻs screen and audio is becoming easier to accomplish. Adding this literacy to your online teaching toolkit offers powerful benefits to student feedback and engagement. Posted October 2, 2017
decorative vertical image of Tumalo Falls, a waterfall in central Oregon. Course Tune-up Follow-Up
Heather wraps up the 8-week course challenge. Posted August 31, 2017
video icon 360 Degree Still Images & Videos 1 comment for "360 Degree Still Images & Videos"
Michael Annus discusses the use of 360 degree video and still images in education, including some of the remaining challenges. Posted August 20, 2017
Personalized audio feedback takes very little time and helps engage online students with course content and instructors. Use your voice to share that you care
Studies have shown that high among the traits students value in an instructor is “care” for their learning. Indeed, a […] Posted August 14, 2017