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Join the 8 Week Course Tune-Up Challenge

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Multnomah Falls, Portland by Caleb Jones (Unsplash.com)

Multnomah Falls, Portland by Caleb Jones (Unsplash.com)

Ah… summer. We are so close. Whether you spend your summers teaching those over-achieving summer course-taking students, or spend your days by a pool or at the beach, you’ll probably also spend time executing your summer goals.

How about an 8 week course tune-up challenge? What if I told you that you could join for free and you might even want to flaunt your results in front of your friends (or chair or dean)? What if I told you that you would receive a free gift to use in your work at PCC for completing the challenge?

With the update to Daylight, this summer is an excellent opportunity to make those changes you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t quite found the time.

How it works

  1. Register for the challenge. We’ll provide you with a development shell to work on.
  2. Choose 8 tasks to complete from the 8-Week Course Tune-up Challenge Task List.
  3. Track the tasks you complete in each week and the date the task was completed using the 8 Week Challenge Reporting Form
  4. Submit your completed form to heather.guevara@pcc.edu by August 31st. Please submit even if you didn’t complete all 8 tasks, we’d love to celebrate what you were able to accomplish.
  5. Earn your the prize of your choice.

You only need to find five friends to join you and those five friends need to recruit five other friends and then you have to join me for a special presentation at my house. Just kidding on the friends and presentation at my house part, but I’m glad you’re still reading!

The prizes

Prizes include your choice of tools and services for your work at PCC such as:

  • Headset
  • Webcam
  • Set of 5 Faculty Focus Reports on online teaching and course design, printed and bound.
  • Book on teaching online.
  • One-hour customized consultation with a media or video specialist to create a short video of your choice (i.e. an intro video).
  • Customized work plan devised by an ITS or other DL staff to guide the rest of your updates
  • Coffee talk with Andy Freed or Loraine Schmitt
  • Diet Coke and treats with Donna Swanson in her bunker

A Grand Prize will be awarded to three individuals whose changes make the most impact on overall course design. At the end of the challenge, Rondi Schei (Instructional Technology Specialist, Instructor, and QM Reviewer) will step in and take your course to the finish line!

Make the commitment

Every summer I pledge to eat better and exercise more. Although I’ve never taken a formal fitness pledge (like a “30 days to a new you” plan– maybe I should try one), I have pondered how a commitment with built-in incentives and accountability might help me make those changes. If faddish wellness plans aren’t your thing (or the idea of more exercise and healthy eating seems too aspirational for you during the best months in Oregon), participate in this 8-week challenge! Even small improvements can have a big impact on how your students interact with your content.

Register for the challenge to get started!

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x (Comment #28088) by Jennifer Ward 5 years ago (Comment #28088)

What a fun challenge! I started to worry at “find 5 friends”. haha :) I think I’m up for the challenge.