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Google Drive integration

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Now you can submit Google Drive documents directly to the Assignments tool in D2L!

With your PCC Google account automatically connected to your D2L account, you will be able to submit a file from your PCC Google Drive account instead of having to choose a file to upload from your computer. When you choose to submit a Google Drive document in an Assignments folder, a copy of the Google Drive document is made and saved in D2L. It does not alter or link to the original file in your Google Drive account.

Google Drive is now an option for document source

Why should I care?
  • You can do your work in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides and not have to worry about saving your files.
  • You can work from tablets, laptops, lab computers, home computers, chromebooks, etc.
  • You don’t have to buy costly word processing software (unless required for your class).
  • You can work on documents collaboratively as part of a group project before submitting the work.
  • If you already use Docs/Drive, you don’t have to download/upload your documents to upload them to D2L Brightspace

Learn how to activate your account.

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