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Posted in August 2015

Funds for Excellence 4 comments for "PCC’s $3 million in federal grants target farmworkers, first-generation students"
The High School Equivalency and the Cascade Campus TRiO Student Support Services programs win two big federal grants Posted August 31, 2015
The Build-A-Boat camp-style class came together through the creative spirit and vast connections of several PCC players Teens build, launch boat at PCC
The program was a partnership between PCC, the Wind and Oar Boat School and iUrban Teen Posted August 27, 2015
The Cascade bike team (from left): Officer Wally Chow, Officer Steve Feather, Sgt. Erik Hargrove, Officer Lyle Brown, and Officer Tony Whitmore. CHiPs? Public Safety's bike patrol
If you’ve set foot on Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus lately, you may have noticed something different. No, not the new buildings, nor the demolition and renovation projects currently under way. It’s something else – PCC's Public Safety officers are on bikes Posted August 26, 2015
Big Cats, Big Dreams
Large felines like this cougar at the Oregon Zoo are in the fine hands of PCC alum Christa Fink Posted August 24, 2015
A bright idea for Sylvania’s old light poles
Whether it’s pizza boxes, water bottles or batteries, recycling is second nature to most Portland residents. But what about a […] Posted August 20, 2015
VP of Finance finalists declared
PCC's search committee for the position has announced two contenders - David Keebler (vice president of Business Services at Ventura Community College) and Jim Langstraat (associate vice president of Finance at PCC) Posted August 20, 2015
In a League of Her Own 32 comments for "Recent graduate Frances Fagan is in a league of her own"
PCC graduate Frances Fagan turned an Ivy League dream into reality Posted August 18, 2015
Thinking Big
PCC grad Ryan Walker wins a national diesel service competition en route to his dream job Posted August 17, 2015
New courtyard for Rock Creek requires temporary detour for pedestrians
The final project for Rock Creek’s innovative Building 7 is one step closer to completion as construction began this week […] Posted August 14, 2015
Michael Sonnleitner is sworn into service by Interim PCC President Sylvia Kelley in July. He has an extensive history of service not only at the college but within the community. Sonnleitner joins PCC Board 2 comments for "Michael Sonnleitner officially joins PCC Board of Directors"
The former political science faculty is returning to serve the Southeast Portland community Posted August 14, 2015