Training and Development

People in audienceA variety of online and in-person training opportunities are made available through POD each year. Please refer to the POD Calendar and online opportunities through including Curated Playlists that focus on a variety of competencies.

Teaching Men of Color in the Community College and Supporting Men of Color in the Community College are online and provide instructional faculty with strategies and approaches that can be used to foster enhanced learning, development, and success among college men of color.

The Over-the-Shoulder program is intended to provide one-on-one training opportunities on a specific software task. Take yourself to the next level with up to two hours each term.

Other training opportunities

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology provides support, training, and resources to help employees build skills in PCC enterprise systems and office computing.

Instructional Support

Instructional Support (IS) provides support for faculty in the course development process. View the schedule of current training.

Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Learning supports instructors that wish to enhance their classes with community service experience for students.

Center for Careers in Education

The Cascade Center for Careers in Education works to organize and conduct professional development for PCC faculty.

Teaching Learning Centers (TLC)

Teaching Learning Centers are committed to offering programs that promote best practices and facilitate innovation.

Disability Services

Disability Services provides a variety of professional development, training, & awareness building opportunities.

Tuition Benefits

Eligible PCC employees qualify for the tuition waiver and tuition reimbursement benefits. Explore PCC Credit and Non-Credit Classes!