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Instructional Technology Specialists

There is an Instructional Technology Specialist for each campus. Drop by and see them or make an appointment by clicking on their appointment calendar. Please allow 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

Instructional Technology Specialists drop-in hours
Campus Instructional Technology Specialist Office Phone Appointments
Cascade Michael Moss CA TH 203 971-722-5198 Make an Appointment at Cascade
Sylvania Melany Budiman SY LIB 208 971-722-4459 Make an Appointment at Sylvania
Rock Creek Rondi Schei RC TLC 7/117 971-722-7265 Make an Appointment at Rock Creek
Southeast Andre Temkin SE Mt. Tabor 113 971-722-6130 Make an Appointment at Southeast

Or meet one-on-one with an IS Consultant to discuss your specific needs and how various instructional technology tools could help. Feel free to contact Greg Kaminski or Peter Seaman to arrange an appointment in your office. Their positions are college-wide.

Registration Information

  • Contact us to schedule one-on-one or group session.

Faculty Workshops

Information on stipends for part-time faculty

Stipends for part-time faculty are available for all ITS D2L and Collaborate training sessions. Part-time stipends are disbursed in two-hour increments: 2 hours ($25), 4 hours ($50), or 8 hours ($100). Since ITS training sessions vary in length, you may need to attend multiple sessions to meet the time requirements. Each session will have a sign-up sheet to record participation.

Stipends for ITS sessions will be facilitated by the Distance Learning department. Contact Nellie Long (x4381) for questions about payments.

Session Description

Sloan-C Workshops & Membership Information

See membership details and benefits.

D2L Overview (1.5 hours)

See dates and register for D2L Overview session.

The Overview Workshop is for instructors who would like an overview of the basics and how you could use D2L, an online tool that can be used to post class materials, have students interact online, offer online quizzes, track grades, and more. These sessions listed below are scheduled for 1.5-hours where you will learn an overview of the basics and explore what D2L can do for you.

D2L Assignments-Discussions Session (1.5 hours)

See dates and register for D2L Assignments-Discussions session.

For instructors who would like to use the Assignments tool for students to submit their assignments so they don't clutter your email and use Discussions area as a way for students to collaborate outside of classroom.

D2L Quizzes Session (1 hour)

See dates and register for D2L Quizzes session.

For instructors who would like to utilize the quizzes functionality in the Learning Management System, D2L. You can free up some class time for other things in class by posting your quizzes in D2L.

D2L Gradebook Session (1 hour)

See dates and register for D2L Gradebook session.

The Grades Overview Workshop is for instructors who would like to utilize the gradebook functionality in the Learning Management System, D2L. Your students can track their grades anytime as soon as you post them, protect their privacy and save paper from printing out their grades.

Collaborate Overview Session (1.5 hours)

See dates for Collaborate Overview session.

For instructors or staff who would like to use a Web conferencing system, Collaborate for online collaboration, meetings, discussion, and desktop sharing.

How to Make Your Documents Accessible (90 minutes)

See dates and register for How to Make Your Documents Accessible session.

This training will teach you how to make your D2L web pages, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint accessible. (contact Karen Sorensen for more info).

Online Instructor Orientation

This training is available by invitation only. Those interested in teaching online should start the discussion with their department chair or dean. The dean or chair is responsible for submitting a “course request” in order to initiate the process. (contact Dennis Hitchcox for more info).

Gear up Media Sessions (30min)

Gear Up: Audio/video tools in D2L

Description: Using video note to create short videos and using audio/video inside Discussions and Assignments tool in D2L. These recordings are meant to be for single-term use because they are only stored for a limited amount of time.


Gear Up: Office Mix Intro

Description: Want a simple way to add audio and/or video?  Office Mix is a free PowerPoint add-in for Windows users that allows you to easily add audio and webcam video to presentation slides and then publish it to video. This is a great alternative to learning complex recording software and you can insert quiz questions if you like!

We have limited seats for this session, so bring your Windows laptop and we can help you set it up.


Gear Up: Screencast-O-Matic Intro

Description: Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen recording that allows you to record your screen and a webcam video and publish it. It is limited to 15 minutes. You don’t need to download and install any software to use it. Requires Java plug-ins.


Please contact your campus IT Specialist for one-on-one training for the following topics.

MyPCC Course Tools Overview

Tools include a course news, instructor information, course updates, and the ability to upload files, photos and links. Gain an understanding of the possible tools and how to use them to support your classes.

Image Scanning and Editing

Turn photos into digital format with a flatbed scanner. We will show you how to do basic editing, like crop, adjust brightness/contrast, or adjust color using Photoshop Elements. Get images ready for the web or to email to students.

Camtasia - Teaching online with a voice

Camtasia is a screenshot creation tool to create video tutorials of an on screen action. Add media & interactive hot spots to enhance your lecture. See the different applications you can use with Camtasia; create a storyboard, and learn the basic tools.

WebEasy Intro

Create an instructional web page the easy way. Your page will include contact information, an image, and a link from the Staff Directory.