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Zoom is a simple web conferencing app that has the tools you need to engage your students in a variety of educational opportunities. Attendees can easily join your sessions via their mobile devices or from their computers. Webcam, microphone, chat, polling, screen-sharing integration, and ability to control others’ shared content creates a highly interactive environment for attendees no matter their location. The modern interface makes it a snap to learn.

Important Notes

  • Please contact the Online Faculty Helpdesk for assistance (971-722-8227, dlhelp@pcc.edu)
    • Please send any questions or requests from your PCC email address. Other personal emails will be blocked.
    • Contact the IT Service Desk (servicedesk@pcc.edu) if you can’t access your PCC email account.
  • Zoom is constantly updating its product. You can read their release notes for more information



Essential Guides
Zoom Resources
Creative Instructional Modes

PCC Zoom Access

Zoom (Online Room) vs. Google Meet

The college provides access to both Zoom a Google Meet. Google Meet guides. Contact the IT Service Desk (Phone: 971-722-4400 or Email: servicedesk@pcc.edu) for Google Meet questions and support.


If you need help, please contact the Online Faculty Help Desk. You may also contact Zoom Technical Support at 1-888-799-9666 ext 2 or 1-650-397-6096 ext 2 (available 24 hours/day – 7 days/week).

Reporting a Zoombombing Incident

If you witness or experience: student conduct issues, discrimination or harassment, disclosure of sexual misconduct or domestic violence, bias or hate incidents, or things like Zoombombing
Please visit pcc.edu/incident/ to file a report so that we can follow up. Please include:

  • Incident date & time
  • Zoom meeting name and ID
  • Individuals names

Follow this guide to update settings on your future zoom meetings and prevent another incident. And thank you for doing your part to foster a culture of care at PCC.

Mobile web conferencing app

To use your mobile device to access a Zoom session, you will need the Zoom App.