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Training Materials and Personnel Actions

I-9 processes have returned to normal. Documents for page 2 of the I-9 must be viewed in person.

New Processes!

To assist in submitting and approving documents. These processes can be used ever after we return to campus operations.

HRIS Training Library

Process Guides and Quick Sheets
PAR Quick Sheet

New Personnel Action Request Form instructions – replaces JAF and PR/C.

Setting up Daily Rate Faculty

Process guide on setting up Daily Rate Faculty!

Staff Directory Department Overrides

Quick sheet on how to enter an override to Department on an employees Staff Directory record.

How to Read the Payroll Calendar

How to Read the Payroll Calendar. Don’t forget – the Authorizations Due in HR date literally means ‘get paperwork in by this date to ensure they get paid in this bi-weekly.’

HR Form Routing Guide

HR Form Routing Guide. So useful in figuring out who to send what form to.

Exceptional Pay Memo (EPM) Process Guide – New Process!

EPM Process Guide

eAUTH Cancel Pay Request – New Process!
MAP forms
I-9 Form
PASS Process (Submitting HR Forms via AODocs)
Exceptional Pay Memo
Personnel Action Request Form
HR 101 (Types of employees, the HR Website and a short HRIS Glossary)
Authorization and Timesheets

Authorization and Timesheets Quick Sheet. Maps out which authorization forms are needed for all employee classes/bi-weekly work, when they’re due, and whether or not they submit timesheets.

Setting Up an Employee – the Five Phases

Setting Up an Employee – Quick Sheet

Bi-weekly Employee Hiring Flowchart

Bi-weekly Employee Hiring Flowchart

Personnel Actions

Some of these links may also take you to other areas, such as Staff Employment. Most Full Time and Part-time benefits eligible jobs will go through Staff Employment (Classified, Confidential, Academic Professional, Full-Time Faculty, Management and Executive.)


All employee information is changed in the same way, no matter the ‘type’ of employee.

Name / userID / Email

If the employee is not a student employee, a name change request can be emailed to hris-group@pcc.edu by the employee, from their PCC email. The email should include their current name, Banner ID, New Name, and new preferred name for email address (IF they want their email address changed.) Please note: Your first name, middle name, last name in Banner is your legal name. It will need to match your W-2 (or you will have problems at tax time.) If you need a ‘preferred first name’, such as ‘Bill’ instead of William, please indicate ‘preferred first name.’ This will be used in the staff directory and some direct communications. It cannot be used on your W-2 or other legal/tax documents.

If the employee is a student employee, any name change requests need to go through Student Records or Registration.

Mailing Address / Phone

An employee can update their own mailing address and phone information in MyPCC.

Campus Address / Phone

A department with PPAIDEN/SPAIDEN update access can update an employees campus address/phone. There can only be one campus address at any given time, so a new address should just write over the old.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information can be entered in MyPCC by the employee. MyPCC–>Employee Tab–>Employment Details–>My emergency contacts.

A department with PPAIDEN update access can update/add emergency contact information for an employee, in PPAIDEN–>Emergency Contact Tab.


General information on hiring student employees can be found at hiring manual for student employees. If you are hiring an International Student, please check out the F-1 hiring information from the Office of International Student Services.


General information on hiring casual employees can be found in the hiring manual for casual employees.

Casual Hiring

Casual personnel actions are usually processed through EPAFS – Electronic Personnel Action forms. See current instructions on processing a Casual EPAF.

Please note: The login to MyPCC looks different now. You’ll want to log into MyPCC, go to the Employee Tab, then under Employment Details click on the Banweb Main Menu link. That should put you in line with the rest of the instructions.

Changing a Casual job Pay Rate – MAP Form

Complete a MAP form, indicating the ID, Employee Name, Position, Suffix, New Rate, Effective Date of Change, and reason for rate change.

You can submit the MAP form remotely using the PASS Process.

If the original rate was in error and the employee was over/underpaid, please note it on the MAP!

Over/Underpayments require additional payroll forms that HRIS must complete after updating the job. Underpayments may generate a manual check payment. Overpayments will generate contact from Payroll to the employee, to discuss the overpayment and collection.

How to end a casual job early

Complete a MAP form, indicating the ID, Employee Name, Position, Suffix, and the new end date.

ONLY complete a TERM form for the employee if you know for certain they are leaving the college, not just that job.

You can submit the MAP AND the TERM form remotely using the PASS Process.

Exceptional Pay Casual jobs – MAP Form

Complete a MAP form (you CANNOT do an EPAF for an exceptional pay rate.)

Attach a Exceptional Pay memo, signed by an Executive (VP, Campus President, College President), the indicated the rate and gives the justification/qualifications for the rate.

Exceptional Pay Memo Form (optional, but suggested)

You can submit the MAP form and Exceptional Pay Memo remotely using the new PASS Process.

PLEASE NOTE! You must include the ‘regular’ management approver PLUS the appropriate Executive Approver when using this process. If not, the form will NOT be accepted.

Part-Time Faculty

General information on hiring PT Faculty can be found in the hiring manual for PT Faculty.

New to PCC / Returning to PCC after a break in Employment

Please check out the Staff Employment guidelines on application pools, background checks, and hiring of PT Faculty.

Create a job for a Part-Time Faculty Tutor, Counselor, or Librarian (single term)
  • If new to PCC, or if returning to PCC after a break in service, all of the ‘Background Checks’ and ‘New Hires’ steps/forms must be completed.
  • If the PT Faculty employee has been hired previously as a tutor/counselor/librarian and is currently active as faculty, and no new Instructor Approval Form or Transcripts are needed, you only need to complete an EPAF to hire them as a part-time tutor/counselor/librarian. Check here for instructions on completing these EPAFS.
  • Tutor/Counselor/Librarian EPAFS are hard-coded with the dates of the current term. If close to the end of the term, please check those dates to make sure the EPAF is still hiring in the term you need! If it isn’t, you will need to submit a paper MAP.
  • Tutors, Counselors and Librarians are paid on years step via the Part-time Faculty Instructional Salary Schedule. To find the Instructors year step go to the BANNER form PWAPLVL.
Department Chair

Department Chairs are completed on a MAP form. Department Chairs have their own pay grade (CHAIR), found on the current salary schedule.

Faculty Assessment Pay

Faculty Assessment pay is completed on a MAP form. A Chair position number must be used for the job. It is paid using the CHAIR grade, found on the current salary schedule.

Change an Existing Job (pay / hours / end date)

Submit a paper MAP Form. You can find the MAP form on the HRIS Forms page.

You can submit the MAP form remotely using the PASS Process.

FOAPAL change to an existing job

Submit a paper MAP form. You can find the MAP form on the HRIS Forms page.

You can submit the MAP form remotely using the PASS Process.

Exceptional Pay (hiring above/below contract rates)

Submit a paper MAP form and an Exceptional Pay Memo, detailing why this employee should be paid the exceptional rate of pay. You can find the MAP form on the HRIS Forms page.

You can submit the MAP form and Exceptional Pay Memo remotely using the PASS Process.

Paying for PT Faculty Participation

You can complete a one time pay EPAF for PT Faculty Participation. Look for the EPAF Category PRTCAJ – >EPAF Quick Sheet – PT Instructor. OR you can complete a paper MAP form and submit it using the PASS Process.

PT Faculty Participation Rates are posted on the Part-time Faculty Instructional Salary Schedule.

Full-Time Faculty

For Full-time Faculty hires (recruited or temporary) please contact Staff Employment at pccjobs@pcc.edu.

Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts for FT Faculty should be submitted within 2 weeks of hire! Submissions should be made directly to the HR, either electronically or by paper mail. Documents must be received by HR or the employees department and marked ‘received as official’ with the receipt date. Originals must be sent to HR for the Employee file.

Unofficial copies or Official copies sent directly to the employee will not be accepted.

IAF – Instructor Approval Forms

Instructor Approval forms can be found on our HRIS forms page. An IAF is required for all FT Faculty who meet the requirements by demonstrated competency, along with all documentation that was used to meet that criteria.

The IAF, along with the supporting documentation, can be submitted to HRIS using the PASS Process.

Department Chair

The pay document for Department Chairs is the MAP form. Department Chairs have their own pay grade (CHAIR), found on the current salary schedule. You can find the MAP form on our HRIS forms page.


Overloads for FT Faculty are USUALLY handled when a NWRINAS is processed, the additional pay generated automatically if set up correctly with the class. Please contact Banner Student Scheduling if you need assistance with setting up an overload in SIAASGN.

If for some reason the overload will not be on a NWRINAS, it needs to be paid out on a MAP. You can find the MAP form on our HRIS forms page.

4th Term Pay

Fourth Term pay usually occurs when a FT Faculty work at least 7 hours per day (full time) Summer Term.

Professional Leave

Professional Leave paperwork for HRIS is generated in HR, based on Board Reports and Finance Information on approved leaves. If there is a pay change, it is annualized over the full Academic Year. Nothing needs to be submitted directly to HR.

If you have a change to what was reported (often a reduction or cancellation of professional leave) PLEASE contact both Finance and HRIS-Group@pcc.edu, so both the budget and the job can be adjusted to reflect any changes. Even if the Leave is only for one term (no pay impact), and it’s cancelled, the labor distribution on the job will be taking part if the pay out of the professional leave account! It will need to be updated.

FT Faculty Academic Year Work Schedules

FT Faculty Academic Year Work Schedules need to be submitted to HR before the beginning of each academic year for all FT Faculty Employees. Please send them to hris-group@pcc.edu. You can find the current work schedule form on our HRIS forms page.