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The Culture Transformation & Development (CTD) Department consists of three interrelated teams: Restorative Belonging, Inclusive Learning, and Equity Strategy. Collectively, these teams are charged with providing proactive, strategic, and preventive engagement that helps to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging. The functions within the CTD team provide planning and implementation for belonging, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (B-JEDI) strategies, including setting and leading restorative practices, assessing and reporting on outcomes, and addressing policy and procedure gaps.

The CTD team also leads organizational learning and development opportunities, including leading B-JEDI training, managing organizational learning systems, creating and coordinating professional development activities, facilitating required training, and managing organizational orientations and onboarding.

Our Mission:
CTD works to foster a transformational learning culture of belonging, racial justice, continuous improvement and personal development.
Our Vision:
CTD will nourish an inclusive culture where every employee thrives.

Core Service Areas

Nurturing the PCC Workplace Ecosystem

PCC Culture & Organizational Development


Organizational development is a crucial process that builds institutional capacity for change.  It helps us achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, processes, and values of work. CTD wants to partner with you to build a workplace culture that works for us all.

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Employee Inclusion and Belonging


Employee belonging is a journey that begins as soon as a new employee is hired. Achieving a sense of belonging among employees is critical to employee success, satisfaction and retention.

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Restorative Belonging Practices


The Restorative Belonging program aims to foster a culture of belonging and engagement, and to establish restorative approaches to problem-solving, relationship building, and repairing harm.

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Training and Job Support


PCC is a complex organization. The campuses and centers that comprise our College district span three counties across a geographic area larger than the state of Rhode Island! The CTD team is committed to helping you navigate the college and connecting you with the resources you need when you need them.

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Professional Development


We provide tools, training, and resources to help you explore and identify goals, define areas of development and growth, and plan the next steps on your career path.

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Institutional Equity Strategy


PCC’s Institutional Equity Strategy seeks to infuse transformative change towards a more equitable and socially just PCC.

Visit our Contacts Page for information on how to reach out to us directly.