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Community responsibility is at the core of education

CBL 14-15 Community Engagement Awardees

Read more about our 2014-2015 CBL Community Engagement Awardees - Delany Larimore and Ian Redding!

Nominate a student for this year's 2015-2016 CBL Community Engagement Award!

Community-Based Learning directly supports that belief through projects that deepen and contextualize course learning outcomes by addressing the needs of our community.

Community-Based Learning at PCC is an academic program that provides support across all disciplines through assistance with community-based learning course implementation, professional development, and resources. The program supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of PCC and serves everyone under the PCC umbrella throughout the district.

Honor Roll LogoAdditionally, the Community-Based Learning Program provides resources for hands-on individual and student group volunteering throughout the greater Portland region.

In 2012, PCC was named one of the colleges on the President's Community Service Honor Roll.

Opportunities for Partnership!

The Community Connector, our community partner database, is an online resource for PCC faculty and community agencies to connect! Community agencies can create profiles to share their areas of need and potential projects for community-based learning. Faculty can search the database for partners and designate specific agencies for their community-based learning courses.

Tell us about your community-based learning or service experience at PCC!

Are you a faculty member that taught a CBL course recently? Are you a student who completed a course with community-based learning or participated in a service project for a PCC club or organization? We invite you to complete our Community Engagement and Intake Form!