Community-Based Learning Program

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Community responsibility is at the core of education

Volunteers at Andre Jackson PPS Day of Service - August 2011Community-Based Learning directly supports that belief through projects that deepen and contextualize course learning outcomes to benefit community organizations. Additionally, Community-Based Learning supports and provides resources for hands-on individual and student group volunteering throughout the greater Portland region.

FOR FACULTY, community-based learning is an opportunity to achieve course outcomes while benefiting the community.

FOR STUDENTS, community-based learning is a chance to deepen their knowledge and skills, connect learning to personal passion or professional dreams, while strengthening community awareness and civic engagement.(To better understand the course designation in the schedule, please see the Courses page for more information.)

FOR OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS, community-based learning is the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship with Portland Community College that fills a critical need within society.

The Community-Based Learning Program supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of PCC and we serve everyone under the PCC umbrella throughout the district.

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Our Community Partner Database is online. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity or a partner for your service-learning course, this is the place to start! Our database is an alphabetical list of service opportunities in the Portland area. You can search by type, area of town, and faculty member.

PCC was just named one of the colleges on the President's Community Service Honor Roll.

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