Faculty Resources

Resources for faculty who are, or are seeking to, integrate community-based learning into their teaching practice.

Professional Development

CBL Professional Development Continuum
  • Introduction | CBL 101
  • Development | Faculty Cohort
  • Implementation | Mini grants
  • Engagement | Workshops, Conferences, and Professional Associations

One-on-One Assistance

CBL Coordinators are here to help!

Our program staff are available to provide the following:

  • Individual consultation on integrating community-based learning into your course
  • Class/meeting presentations per your needs and requests
  • A comprehensive list of approved community-based learning sites
  • Assist the community with the development and enhancement of community-based learning programming
  • Relationship building with new partners
  • Problem solving/quality control
  • Regular workshops/training on community-based learning

Feel free to contact any of our team for one on one assistance.

Visit the CBL Staff Page

Faculty Tool Kit

Resources and Forms

Resources by discipline

CBL media collection (PCC YouTube channel)

  • Student Experiences
  • Community Partner Promotional Videos
  • CBL Programming

Community Engagement and Intake Form

  • Share with your students to complete at the end of the term! Any information provided by your students will be sent to you.

Community Partnerships

Community Connector

Use the Community Connector to identify potential partner agencies for your CBL course! Community agencies have profiles to share their areas of need and potential projects for community-based learning.

Search the Community Connector

A custom list and link can also be created for your course in the Community Connector. Contact the Community-Based Learning Coordinator for more information.