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Resources for faculty who are, or are seeking to, integrate community-based learning into their teaching practice.

COVID-19 considerations

updated as of 09/26/21

If CBL is a component of your course, it must be in line with current PCC remote instruction policies. In addition, the related community engagement activities for your CBL assignment/project must be in line with current CBL parameters detailed here.

Modes of Community Engagement for Community-Based Learning (CBL)

Allowed* for In Person Community Engagement *Approved courses only

Allowed for Remote Community Engagement

Direct: face to face interaction with client population

Non-Direct: at site, but no direct contact with population

being served

Indirect: physically distant from site.  Requires no direct or close contact with individuals outside of the student’s immediate household or travel away from the student’s residence

Form for Faculty needs around a cbl assignment/project that is remote/online.

Related CBL Instructor Resources
Resources to reference and share with students for recommended practices for volunteering and community engagement
Additional Resources


Using GivePulse for your Community-Based Learning class

GIvePulse allows the CBL Program to manage community partnerships and track engagement for students in community-based learning courses. You will be able to log in to GivePulse using your MyPCC login. If you need assistance with the platform, please contact the CBL Program Coordinator.

View/Download Faculty Quick Guide

Track student community engagement through impacts

Reporting made easy through GivePulse! By using the platform, your course and students’ impact will automatically be shared with the CBL Program. The old reporting form with still be available for the time being. Any data submitted, will be entered into the GivePulse platform.

  • Impact defined
  • Impact verification
  • Reported by students: Encourage you students to utilize the platform to keep track of their community engagement hours by creating “impacts.” These impacts can be verified by you and/or the community partner.
  • Reported by you for your entire class: You can also report your class’s impact as a group vs individually
Community partners
  • Find community partners: Through the PCC group page you will be able to find organizations that are affiliated with PCC.
  • Designate specific Community Partners for specific courses: If you have specific community partners for your course, you can “affiliate” with them.
  • Create your own community engagement opportunity: If you have a project or volunteer opportunity for your class, you can create a specific event to share with your students.

1-on-1 Assistance

CBL coordinators are here to help!

Our program staff are available to provide the following:

  • Individual consultation on integrating community-based learning into your course
  • Class/meeting presentations per your needs and requests
  • A comprehensive list of approved community-based learning sites
  • Assist the community with the development and enhancement of community-based learning programming
  • Relationship building with new partners
  • Problem solving and quality control
  • Regular workshops and training on community-based learning

Feel free to contact any of our team for one on one assistance.

Visit the CBL staff page

In Class Assistance

Request a class presentation on any of the following topics:
  • CBL Resources for Students
  • GivePulse Orientation
  • Collaborating with Community Partners
  • Class raps about upcoming community engagement opportunities (volunteer events/needs, CBL classes, community service work study, etc…)
  • Or suggest another topic that would be helpful for your students!

Please complete the form and we will contact you to make further arrangements.

Request In Class Assistance

Faculty Tool Kit

Resources and forms
Resources by discipline
CBL media collection (PCC YouTube channel)
  • Student experiences
  • Community partner promotional videos
  • CBL programming

How to check if your course is designated as CBL

  1. Navigate to PCC.GivePulse.com and login.
  2. In the top right corner, click “My Activity”,
  3. From that drop down menu, click “Classes” (If you do not see this menu option, none of your courses are designated as CBL)

Any courses you are teaching with a CBL component will be listed. If you do not see your course, please complete the CBL Course Designation Request form.