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Anthropology Learning

  • Public Interest Anthropology: A Boasian Service-Learning Initiative
    This paper describes the theoretical rationale and practice related to two connected anthropology courses at the University of Pennsylvania and University City High School, a predominantly African-American school on Penn’s borders.
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: Service-Learning and Anthropology
    This special journal issue is devoted to an exploration of the intersection of service-learning and anthropology – the contributions that the field of anthropology can make to community service learning and how service-learning can and does inform anthropological practice.



  • Service Learning and International Business Education
    Academic Exchange Quarterly, Spring 2004. This paper seeks to explain a unique model for providing international business experience to MBA students using a high-ranking small MBA program in Florida as a case study.
  • Successful Service Learning Projects in Accounting and Business Curriculums
    Community College National Center for Community Engagement.

Computer Science

Dental Hygiene

  • A Framework for Service-Learning in Dental Education
    February 2006 Journal of Dental Education. This article offers a framework for service-learning in dental education and describes ten components that characterize true service-learning in dental and dental hygiene curricula.
  • DSD 832: Dental Care for Special Needs Populations
    Patient Care/Service Learning Paper Guidelines.


  • Service-learning program gives children a ‘jump start’ into school
    University of Wisconsin-Madison article about partnering college students with underprivileged preschoolers.
  • Service-Learning in Early Childhood Teacher Education
    Early Childhood Education Journal article documenting how Service-Learning is used to prepare education majors.
  • Service-Learning and Teacher Education
    ERIC Digest article that provides a definition and examples of service-learning, examines rationales and approaches, reviews research, and discusses future challenges related to service-learning in teacher education.


  • Welcome to English 121, Composition: Social Issues!
    University of Washington syllabus with an interesting approach to incorporating fresh ideas and Service-Learning.

English for Speakers of Other Languages


  • Serving the Community and Learning a Foreign Language: Evaluating a Service-Learning Programme
    A Service-Learning program in Spanish, in which learners of Spanish provide various forms of social services to native speakers in local communities in the target language, is evaluated to assess its impact on learner motivation and attitudes.


  • Teaching Math Without an Answer Key
    An interesting article by Matt Mayberry, a high school math teacher that follows his journey through incorporating Service-Learning into his curriculum.


  • Caring and Community: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Nursing
    AAHE’s Series on Service-Learning in the Disciplines. 200 pages. PDF format.



  • Infusing Service-Learning in Science and Engineering and its Impact on Pedagogy and Retention
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore article that focuses on how SLOPE (Service Learning Opportunities in Physics and Engineering) has integrated service into classes to increase student retention.

Political Science

  • Service Learning in Political Science
    Links and resources from the American Political Science Association.
  • The “Lived Experience” of Political Engagement
    A study that seeks to document learning and personal change through critical analysis of detailed narratives.


  • 2006 Action Teaching Award Winner
    Social Psychology Network award winning Service-Learning ideas. Submitted by Dana C. Leighton.
  • APA: Service-Learning in Psychology
    Information from the American Psychological Association regarding Service-Learning in Psychology.
  • Service-Learning and Psychology
    Article by Tanya Renner Ph.D. about teaching with Service-Learning in her Theories of Personality course.
  • Association for Psychological Science
    A great run-down of things to think about while you incorporate service-learning into your course.


  • PCC Sociology
    Information about CBL integration into the PCC Sociology Program.


  • Investigative Drama: A Service Learning Capstone Theatre Course at Gonzaga University
    Using investigative drama with four students in a Service-Learning capstone course in theatre at Gonzaga University.


  • Teaching Guides: Using Service-Learning in Writing Courses
    Colorado State University site with tips on Service-Learning implementation as well as additional resources.
  • Integrating Writing, Academic Discourses, and Service Learning: Project Renaissance and School/College Literacy Collaborations
    Composition Studies article that examines ways to use service-learning in a writing class to help students make connections between their course material and the world at large.