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Letter & Line Winter 2022 has Launched!

Megan Savage

Letter and Line Cover

Cover Art by Emerson Mitchell

Welcome to the twelfth issue of Letter & Line, an annually published literary journal of Portland Community College. As the editorial staff, it has been our privilege to review all the wonderful submissions made by our community, who shared themselves and their art with us, their peers.

We have found it awe-inspiring to witness the tenacity of our community. The road to 2022 was rough for many at PCC. Every submission we received hinted at struggles faced or overcome, offering us personalized windows into worlds that were, along with the strength to laugh in uncertain times.

Many of us turn to the arts to seek humor and connection or take us away from the now for just a moment into a brighter future. So, dear reader, it is with joy that we now share these works with you. Some are heavy, some are light, but they are all honest, and we are proud of each.

Special thanks to our cover artists, Emerson Mitchell, and Mel Ditmanson and Brooke Taylor, who led the layout team.


Letter and Line Excerpt

Letter and Line ExcerptLetter and Line Excerpt