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Study Abroad Photography Showcase

Student Photography Study Abroad Showcase

Skyline in Prague, Cz

Photo Credit by Lee Holoubek

Exhibition runs from November through January 20th 2023
Photography Abroad in Prague 

November 14, 2022 – January 20, 2023

Digital Photography & Photographic Portfolio students from this Summer’s Study Abroad program travelled to the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic and have selected images to exhibit as part of this exhibition. Portfolio students will be sharing their personal artist portfolios as part of our programming.

Winners Announced!

Join us in congratulating the following students for their outstanding entries in the Study Abroad Photography Contest! In the category of “Embracing New Cultures” Lee Holoubek from our Czech Republic program with Ivory Bradshaw from the Costa Rica program as Runner Up. In the category of “Self Discovery” Patricia Bill from the Australia Program was the winner and Pascua Pezani as well as Deborah Lev from the Costa Rica and Czech programs respectively were runners up for this category.

Please come to the event on January 20th to see their work and get to know a little more about their study abroad experiences.

Study Abroad Photography Contest Exhibition

December 9 – January 20, 2023

Students from every Summer 2022 Program have submitted their photographs from their travels in Costa Rica, Australia, Prague, and more! This juried group of images were selected by the Education Abroad Advisory Council in November. Two finalists and two runners up in the categories of Embracing New Cultures and Self Discovery will have their works displayed in the SE Gallery.

Additional Programming
Closing Reception & Story-Telling Event, RSVP

 January 20th, 2023 | Time: 1-3PM

RSVP to attend the reception / story telling and choose to share your story by filling out this Google Form for Study Abroad by January 9th, 2023

Join us for a story-telling event with students and lead faculty from the Summer’s programs in 2022 and join in as we celebrate the transformative power of experiential learning, Art and community. Students and faculty are invited to tell their stories by submitting video or audio entries along with images or by sharing in person.

Print Sale & Study Abroad Foundation Scholarship fundraiser

January 20th, 2023 | During Event 1-3PM

The Education Abroad office has its own PCC Foundation Scholarship for students applying for PCC faculty-led programs and some students have selected to donate a portion of their sales towards this fund to support financial resources for the next wave of students who wish to study abroad.