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UNMUTED: PCC Student Art Exhibition 20/21

Helzer Gallery, North View Gallery, Paragon Arts Gallery, & Southeast Gallery

Look for our art student online exhibition opening on May 17, 2021!

Collage of 8 images of student works of art in the show. Alt Text descriptions for each image can be found in the exhibition galleries.

Clockwise from top left: Gus Bertram, detail of “Eleggua,” 2020, linocut on paper, 15″ x 15”; Kate Coningford, detail of “Coming Apart,” 2020, watercolor on paper, 12″ x 9″; Estela Lozdon, detail of “Vanilla Centipede,” 2021, mixed media, acrylic painting, markers, and magazine images, 33″ x 22″; Virlie Paglinawan, detail of “Hope,” 2021, charcoal, pastel and white ink on paper, 24” x 20”; Christie Burris, detail of “My Community,” 2020, cone 10 stoneware and greenware, 12” tallest; 7” shortest x 3″ x 2″; Trina Shaghafi, detail of “Pomegranate 03”, 2021, photograph, 800 px x 1200 px; Nicole Reich, detail of “March”, 2020, charcoal, ink, water soluble oil and acrylic on canvas, 24″ X 30″; Javier Reyes, detail of “Ted Wheeler’s Career,” 2021, digital photography on a Nikon D5300, 6000 px x 4000 px