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Simulated Archetypes

Sylvania North View Gallery


An Evolving Installation by Karl Burkheimer

July 16 to Sept 16 2016
Saturday, July 16, 5–7pm
Opening of subsequent iterations:
Saturday, August 13, 5–7pm
Gallery hours:
Monday through Friday 8am–4pm and Saturday 11am–4pm

For this North View Gallery project, Portland-based artist Karl Burkheimer has constructed a series of sculptural armatures inspired by the architecture of billboard signage. For the duration of this exhibition, Burkheimer has invited students and members of the larger PCC community to participate in a collective art process through contributing imagery, text, gestures and marks to the sign-like facades of these works. Burkheimer will respond, by further manipulating and integrating those contributions. The artist describes Simulated Archetypes as “an ongoing, ever-evolving installation, continually changing through the accretion of creative acts, whether additive or reductive.”

Karl Burkheimer is a 2016 recipient of a Hallie Ford Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship. His work has been exhibited nationally, including recent exhibitions in Seattle, Washington; at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York; the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon; the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and the Portland Art Museum. Burkheimer earned an MFA from the Department of Crafts and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University and a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from North Carolina State University. He is currently Professor and Chair of the MFA in Craft at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) in Portland.