Get Assistance or Report an Incident

Hazardous Condition Reporting

Any employee who observes a hazardous condition at any PCC facility can report to EH&S. The hazardous condition will be investigated and any proposed corrective actions will be submitted to the department that manages the work area as well as the appropriate Safety Committee.

Hazardous Condition Report

Report a Spill

Any spill that is greater than 1 gallon or particularly hazardous must be reported to EH&S and Public Safety. Clear the area and ensure that any individual who might have been exposed to the chemical receives aid.

A Hazardous Release/Spill Assessment should be completed and submitted to EH&S for review.

Do NOT begin clean-up operations until the assessment has been completed and EH&S gives direction.

Report a Regulatory Visit

Any visit from a Regulatory Agency must be reported to Cheryl Arpan immediately.

Cheryl can be contacted at 971-200-9738 or

Other Reporting or Assistance Available

Incident Reporting

In the event that an injury, illness, or near-miss (close-call) occurs in the course of work or construction, the incident must be reported to ensure an appropriate response and follow-up by the College.

Injury Incident Reporting

NOTE: If there is a fatality, multiple injuries, or illnesses due to a single incident, or an overnight hospitalization, contact EH&S immediately.

Service Request Center (SRC)

Work orders and service requests can be submitted to FMS for a variety of needs including several EH&S topics. For more information, reach out to the SRC.


EH&S has a variety of training topics available at MyCareer@PCC. If you have a specific training need, please reach out to