How to apply

  1. Talk to high school counselor

    Make an appointment with your high school counselor to find out if your school participates in EOP and to see if EOP is right for you.

  2. Apply to PCC

    If your high school is a participating partner, your next step is to apply to PCC. When your application is processed, you’ll receive an email with the next steps.

  3. Complete orientation

    Once you receive your admissions email, you will have your MyPCC username and your student ID number (often called your “G Number”). Use these to complete the New Student Orientation. The orientation takes about 30 minutes and gives you information for getting started at PCC.

  4. Complete high school form

    Two forms are needed prior to registration. Your high school counselor will need to fill out the High School Permission Letter in order for you to register for classes. You are also required to fill out the Consent to Release form in your MyPCC account. Login to your MyPCC account, scroll down to “Don’t Wait in Line!” and click on “Consent to Release”. A confidential code is required in order to submit the form. Work with your high school counselor to agree on a confidential code before submitting.

  5. Complete placement process

    Placement at PCC is completed in a number of ways, and you may need to do two or three of them to complete placement. Start with entering your high school grades. You will receive an email to your PCC email account within half an hour with placement information. If either RD/WR or MTH says “No placement”, or if you think you can be placed higher, you will need to take a placement test, including taking the ALEKS math skills assessment and speaking with a PCC advisor.

  6. Choose classes with counselor

    You must work with your high school counselor to see which PCC classes will help you complete your diploma and benefit your progress in college later. You can follow this up by working with an advisor at PCC to help with your academic plan.