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Submit your high school grades

I'm new!

We use your academic history to place you in your first reading, writing, and math classes. You'll need to submit high school grades if you have both:

  • been to high school in the last 7 years
  • never been to college

If that doesn't sound like you, go back to plan your first term and find instructions for your situation.

How to submit grades


Didn't do so well in high school?

Don't worry. We consider your grades (along with other information) to initially match you to classes. Your grades won't prevent you from coming to PCC, or appear on your PCC record. The future is a blank slate!

  1. Find your grades

    You can submit grades for the following classes. If you didn't take all these classes in high school, that's okay - just fill out the form as completely as you can.

    • Junior English
    • Senior English
    • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, or Calculus
  2. Submit grades

    Once you have your grades handy, log in to the MyPCC Home tab, look in the Quick Links channel, and click Submit high school grades. Remember to click Save, then let the page refresh and also click Ready to be placed to submit your grades for placement.

  3. Check MyPCC email

    Check your MyPCC email for a message about placement. The email will let you know your next steps.

Am I stuck with these classes?

If you think you should have been placed at a higher level, you have options. Follow the instructions in your placement email to have more academic evidence considered in your placement.