ALEKS help

How to take the ALEKS test

Log in to MyPCC and click ALEKS math skills under the Quick Links header. You’ll have 48 hours to finish the test (most people finish in about 90 minutes). ALEKS scores are valid for three years.

Retaking the test

You can retake ALEKS up to four times. Before retaking the test, students must spend at least three hours in the ALEKS Prep Module. This module will help refresh the material and teach new skills. ALEKS scores are valid for three years. If it’s been longer than three years, you’ll need to retake ALEKS.

Screenshot of inactive account error message

If you see an inactive status, request an account reset

Resetting your account

Your ALEKS account is active for 12 months after creating it. If you set up your account more than one year ago, your account will become inactive and you won’t be able to access the tests. If you see a message in ALEKS that says your access has been disabled, please request an account reset and we’ll renew your account.

Request account reset

Accessible tests

If you are using assistive technology, there is a version of ALEKS with accessibility features enabled for screen reader use. There is also an accessible practice test available to help with screen reader use. Please submit the request below to connect to the optimized version of the test, or for questions about accessibility features.

Request accessibility link

Scores from other another school

Many other colleges use the ALEKS math skills test. If you’ve taken ALEKS at another school within the last three years, we will evaluate if the scores can be used for placement at PCC.

Submit your ALEKS scores