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Step 4: Register for classes

After you have talked with a veterans specialist, you will register for classes. It's important that you choose classes that qualify for benefits.

  1. Know your academic plan

    As a veteran, you need to have an academic plan to complete your degree. To create your academic plan, you can visit GRAD Plan, talk to an academic advisor, or visit a career resource center.

  2. Take classes that count towards your degree

    All classes must satisfy a degree requirement. To see which classes count toward your degree, view your GRAD Plan in the MyPCC My Courses tab.

  3. Do not repeat classes

    Classes that you have already received credit for (whether at PCC or at another school) do not qualify for benefits.

How to get the full-time benefit

To qualify for the maximum amount, you will need to be enrolled full time. Full-time enrollment is defined as being enrolled for at least 12 credits at every point during the term. This means that if you are registered for a class that meets for less than the standard 11-12 weeks, you may receive a reduced housing allowance for part of the term.

What happens if my enrollment is below full time?

The consequence of being enrolled below full time depends on what benefit you are receiving:

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 housing allowance is based on your rate of pursuit. Rate of pursuit is determined on a daily basis. The VA prorates your housing allowance to match your enrollment at any given point during the term.

If your rate of pursuit is 50% or less (6 credits or fewer), you will not receive a housing allowance.

Chapters 30, 1607, 1606, 35, and 31

If you are enrolled below full time at any point during the term, your housing allowance will be reduced according to your level of enrollment. For any enrollment below half time (see below for credit amounts), you will only receive a housing allowance equal to the tuition and fees for your courses. To determine your housing allowance based on enrollment, visit VA Department Rate Tables. Enrollment levels are determined as follows:

  • Full time: 12 credits
  • Three-quarters time: 9 to 11 credits
  • Half time: 6 to 8 credits
  • Less than half time: 5 credits or less

Short-term and summer term classes

If you are planning on taking short-term classes or classes during summer term, please contact the Veterans Education Benefits Office for help determining enrollment levels.

Chapter 33 housing allowance for distance students

If you are enrolled solely in Online Learning courses, your housing allowance will be ½ the national average. For full-time enrollment, the rate would be $859.50 for 2020.

After you have registered for classes, you need to complete Step 5: submit your schedule.