Parent Information

We know you want the best for your student. As a parent, you are helping make decisions about their future. Like most parents, you are probably concerned with the rising costs of higher education.

PCC Dual Credit allows your son or daughter to earn college credit while attending high school. In fact, when he/she gets his/her high school diploma, he/she could also be graduating with college credit that is transferable to colleges/universities within the Oregon University System, and most other institutions outside of the state.

Consider the Other Reasons for Getting a Head Start on College:

  1. Your teenager is an official college student with access to the services offered by Portland Community College.

    These include college academic planning services, career services, access to the library, use of the computer labs and academic support services. These services can help you plan your son or daughters education beyond high school.

  2. Convenience

    Courses are taught at the high school building in your son or daughters regular classroom.

  3. Cost

    Taking the same college courses through the PCC Dual Credit program your son or daughter can receive the PCC credit for FREE versus PCC standard tuition rate.

  4. Student Success

    Successful completion of college-level courses helps your child be successful later in making the transition to a college campus.

Access to Your Son or Daughter’s PCC Educational Records

Once a student, regardless of age, attends a postsecondary institution in any capacity they are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Portland Community College must obtain written consent from the student before disclosing any personally identifiable information from their educational records to a third party (including their parents).

Your son or daughter can grant you access to their educational records by completing the Consent to Release Form, but it is entirely up to the student if they wish to do so or not.