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A Resource for Students Facing Food Insecurity — Made by Students!
The Food Insecurity Education Resource Center or FIERCe website was created by PCC Sylvania Fall 2019 students during their Social […] Posted January 8, 2020
Plastic Film Recycling Program at PCC!
Portland Community College is excited to be reducing its waste by participating in a plastic film recycling program. Key work […] Posted January 8, 2020
Eco-To-Go info at PCC Sylvania cafeteria and catering are going "green"
Hot off the presses! PCC is getting ready to kick off it’s new eco-to-go containers in the Sylvania cafeteria and […] Posted June 12, 2018
April Ann Fong of PCC A Sunny & Successful Day of Native Plant Restoration in the ‘Rainy Woods’ of Sylvania
This past Saturday the PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team, under the leadership of Instructor April Ann Fong partnered with the […] Posted March 15, 2018
This changes everything This Changes Everything Movie Screening
PCC Sylvania Habitat Restoration Team is sponsoring a showing of the movie This Changes Everything, based on Naomi Klein’s best selling book […] Posted November 18, 2015
Earth Week Earth Week 2015 1 comment for "Earth Week 2015"
Join us in celebrating Earth Week: April 20-24 Earth Week events will take place at all campuses. Learn sustainable practices, participate in […] Posted April 3, 2015
Coffee mug board Eco-Tip: Use the Mug Wall
Oh no, folks! Sylvania’s coffee mug board is nearly empty and needs more mugs to share. If you have any mugs that […] Posted April 1, 2015
Award Sylvania Facilities Management Services Office got Gold!
Great job Sylvania Facilities Management Services office for becoming a certified Green Office at the Gold level! They are the fourth off […] Posted March 24, 2015
Garden beds Help Work on the Cob Oven (March 13th)
Cob Oven Update Friday, March 13, 9:00am-1:00pm Cutting timbers and posts for the roof Sylvania’s Learning Garden The team did […] Posted March 12, 2015
freecycle.org Freecycle
Eco-Tip: Freecycle Portland has a neat secret alternative to craigslist’s FREE section: Freecycle. Well, it may not exactly be a […] Posted March 9, 2015