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Plastic Film Recycling Program at PCC!

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Portland Community College is excited to be reducing its waste by participating in a plastic film recycling program. Key work areas (ex. bookstores, warehouses, dining services, print shops and others) throughout PCC that generate lots of plastic film, collect and store the material, which is periodically picked up and taken to a local grocery store depot. From there, the plastic film material makes its way to TREX, a major manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railings and other outdoor items made from recycled materials.

When we donate our unwanted plastic materials to TREX, not only are we helping to keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills, we are also helping them continue to create beautiful and environmentally responsible outdoor products. TREX provided PCC with collection containers to set up our program, in exchange for us sending our material to them and reporting weight estimates of all our collected materials. And as an additional incentive for being enrolled in their University Recycling Program, PCC is eligible for high-performance, low-maintenance awards and prizes, like a bench made from plastic film.

Plastic film material that is allowed in the program includes any type of stretchy plastic film, such as plastic bags, bread bags, shrink wrap, case wrap, air pillows, newspaper bags, ice melt bags, product overwrap and bubble wrap. All materials must be clean, dry and free of food residue. Material can be any color. If you think that your work area may be a large generator of plastic film and would like to join the program, please reach out to sustainability@pcc.edu.

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