Compost bins Sylvania Composting Survey
Sylvania Composts? Please help Sylvania Campus by sharing your opinions regarding composting on campus. If you would, please fill out […] Posted February 26, 2015
Carpool to School
 Eco-Tip: Does Ride Share save me money and help the world? YES! In addition to the savings in gas you […] Posted February 26, 2015
Free upcycling E-Centers Free Upcycle Event: Flower Bombs and Bird Feeders
What a good turnout to the UpCycling event this week hosted by the Sylvania Campus Environmental Center. Bird-seed feeders and flower […] Posted February 26, 2015
Magnet Donate Your Old Refrigerator Magnets by February 20th!
Donate your old refrigerator magnets! Have you found yourself staring at a large flat magnet designed to advertise something? You […] Posted February 18, 2015
Volunteers Volunteer Opportunity on the Cob Oven Project (Feb 17, 18, 27 & 28)
This has been an ongoing project and last week they worked on finishing the retaining wall, dig post holes and spread […] Posted February 18, 2015
Hard Drive Smashing Event Lets Smash Some Hard Drives! (Feb 25th)
If you’re ready to part ways with that old, useless hard drive, but you need to make sure your information […] Posted February 16, 2015
Volunteers Friday the 13th Work Party!
The next work party will be held on Friday, February 13th, between 9:00am-2:00pm at the Sylvania Campus Learning Garden. Turn superstition around […] Posted February 12, 2015
Make Room for a Cob Oven! (Feb 6)
Friday, February 6, 8:30-1:00pm Sylvania Learning Garden The site is being readied for the Cob Oven Build. The first work party […] Posted February 4, 2015
Volunteer First 2015 Work Party at the Sylvania Campus! (Feb 7)
When: Saturday February 7th, 2015 9am to noon Where: Meet at PCC Sylvania Parking Lot 10 (The most northeast parking […] Posted February 4, 2015
E Center February 5th: Environmental Club Meeting and Hack!
Thursday, February 5th, 12:00pm Sylvania Campus, Environmental Center, CC 215 Come by the Environmental Center next Thursday for their next meeting. […] Posted February 2, 2015