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A Resource for Students Facing Food Insecurity — Made by Students!

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The Food Insecurity Education Resource Center or FIERCe website was created by PCC Sylvania Fall 2019 students during their Social Justice course, (pictured to the right) FIERCe centralizes resources and tools for those facing food insecurity. FIERCe shares information to destigmatize and educate others about food insecurity by data and personal experiences. This website is intended to reach PCC students and those experiencing food insecurity and hunger.

On campus resources include Panther Pantries at PCC, food vouchers, and learning gardens. A resource map is also provided for those living in and around Portland, Oregon. FIERCe shares testimonial transcripts of real students facing food insecurity along with national and local data focusing on community college students.

Check out the amazing site below and pass it on!


Interested in taking the Social Justice course? Check out the description of SJ210 here.

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