CARE for students

Everyone struggles

College is a difficult and stressful time in most students’ lives. Everyone goes through hard times and speaking up can help get you connected with resources both on and off-campus. The CARE process is designed to help PCC students reach their education and life goals.


Why is someone contacting me?

If someone files a CARE referral on your behalf, you may hear from one of a Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinator, a PCC counselor, or another person on our CARE team. The goal of this outreach to provide you with resources and connection to supports.

If someone has told you that they filed a CARE referral, please feel free to reach out to any of our Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinators by email ( This will help you to get connected with someone right away.

If you’re struggling and want support, and you’re not sure if a staff or faculty member has already reached out, please reach out to any of our Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinators or email

Once a Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinator reaches out, the goal is to set up a time to meet or a phone call to help provide support moving forward.

Conversation and email starters

Talking to your instructors can sometimes be difficult. We are here to help! This page is designed to help with writing an email to your instructor to let them know a little about what’s going on and how they may be able to help. This could be asking for advice on learning the subject matter, a specific question related to a homework assignment, or help asking for connection to resources at the college. Please also know that you can also reach out to the Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinators at to ask for support.

Below are some examples of emails that may serve as a helpful guide when contacting your instructors. Remember to let the person know which class you’re in and what you’re specifically hoping to get support with. PCC wants to help you to succeed!

Example 1:

Dear Mrs. Professor,

This is Gabe from your Monday and Wednesday Psychology class. I have been having a hard time getting work done lately and wanted to see if I could talk with you after class on Wednesday. I have really enjoyed your class and am hoping to still be able to catch up.

Thanks for your time,


Example 2:

Dear Mr. Instructor,

This is Juana from your Tuesday night Biology class. I have been having a really hard time understanding the material from Chapter 3. I have been to the tutoring center twice, but am not able to make your office hours. Is there another time that you’d be able to meet? I’m hoping that if we meet for 30 minutes, that would help me to better understand the concepts in the chapter

I really appreciate your time and if you have any other suggestions, I would be grateful.


Example 3:

Hi Teacher,

This is Damon from your Math 95 class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I am having a really hard time right now. I have always had test anxiety and it’s gotten really bad. I’m not sure if you are someone I can talk with about this or if you know someone else I can connect with. Anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated.


Housing resources

View a list of housing resources in the Portland area.

Urgent student need funding

Urgent student need funding is available on a limited basis.