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Our mission

CARE stands for Coordinate, Assess, Respond and Educate. In alignment with PCC’s goals, the goal of this work is to improve overall retention and completion rates, reduce opportunity gaps, and shorten the student’s time to completion.

How to submit a CARE referral

Next steps

See how to make a referral.

Even if you are unsure of what to do, we ask that you fill out a CARE referral.  We work as a team to proactively respond to referrals. The SCCS Team will follow-up with you before providing outreach to the student. During the follow-up, we will explore the information you are able to provide and will discuss potential options.

Referring situations early will provide more opportunities to address and support both you and the student.

The CARE process

The CARE process exists to support students as they face a variety of barriers to their success and well-being; this process includes collaborating with the student, faculty, staff and partners across the college. This could include connecting students to the appropriate department, navigating an institutional process, or identifying college and/or community resources for assistance.

PCC has a college-wide CARE Team that may be used in the CARE process.  The core membership of this team consists of:

  • Director of Student Conduct and Community Support (chair)
  • Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinators
  • Representation from the following areas:
    • Counseling
    • Public Safety
    • Accessible Ed & Disability Resources
    • Academic Advising
    • Academic Affairs
    • Dean of Student Life and Engagement (as needed)

There may be times when other college partners may be involved. This team meets weekly and the information shared within this group is considered private. The purpose of sharing CARE referrals is to determine how best to coordinate appropriate support to the student.

CARE Team members are trained in using the NaBITA (National Behavioral Intervention Team Association) tools. For more information, please visit nabita.org.

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Contact info

For questions or to talk through a situation, please contact conductandcare@pcc.edu. If you are needing to complete a background check or a disciplinary check for transferring to another institution, please contact records@pcc.edu.

Director of Student Conduct and Community Support
Student Conduct and Community Support Coordinators
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