Veterinary Technology Program

Vet tech student standing with a horseThe farm is an essential  part of Portland Community College’s Veterinary Technology program. It is one of only two programs of its kind in Oregon, and only one of five in the Pacific Northwest. It is one of the few programs in the nation to provide students with experiential learning in a farm setting.

The farm’s staff cares for many of the program’s animals, manages the land, and provides meaningful work opportunities for students. In addition, students receive hands-on experience with farm animals in the following courses:

  • In VT 121, Large Animal Nursing and Restraint, first-year Veterinary Technology students learn basic handling and husbandry of livestock, such as hoof trimming in sheep and proper placement of leg wraps on horses.
  • In VT 209, Large Animal Diseases and Procedures, second-year students learn about large animal diseases and more in-depth husbandry procedures, such as limb radiography.

Lambing season is a rewarding experience for Veterinary Technology students. They are involved in “Lamb Watch” and assisting with the care of newborn lambs

Community Education Classes

Three white lambsCommunity Education offered by the farm provides an enriching experience for students. Previous classes taught on the farm include Sheep and Goat Care and Introduction to Fiber Processing.

Due to the construction of a new barn, Community Education classes on the farm are postponed until Spring 2024.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration with PCC Programs

Do you have an idea for enriching your course with farm activities or instruction? Contact Dr. Ragan Borzcik or Jason Johnson.