TRIO Student Support Services

Not a TRIO student or want more information about scholarship opportunities available at PCC? Visit the Scholarships at PCC page.

Scholarship Facts

  • Last year $92,696 in scholarships were awarded to Cascade TRIO students
  • As a TRIO student you take CG 105/WR 105 College Writing for Scholarships for FREE
  • Your TRIO advisor can help you with your scholarship application and essays

Scholarship Cycle



  • Look at the list of scholarships provided on this page and read the eligibility requirements
  • Check scholarship search sites such as Sallie Mae for more scholarship opportunities
  • Search the web for scholarships related to your career goals, field of study, or your academic goals
  • Brainstorm the strengths you want to highlight in your essays
  • Volunteer, find an internship, or get involved at PCC
  • Begin an outline or rough draft of your essays


Begin the Application Process:

  • Check for application deadlines and make a calender(some are as early as October)
  • Meet with your TRIO advisor to talk about your essay
  • Visit the Writing Center for help with your essays
  • Attend a Scholarship Workshop
  • Take advantage of CG 105/WR 105, Scholarship $$ for College, for FREE through TRIO
  • Make a list of people you would like to ask for a letter of recommendation (TRIO Advisors, Instructors, etc.)
  • Give references at least 3 week’s notice



  • Meet with your TRIO Advisor for help with filling out applications
  • Be sure you have all the materials you need for each application, such as transcripts, final essays, letters of recommendations, FAFSA, or any other additional documents
  • Deadlines for common scholarships:
    • OSAC & PCC Foundation: March 1
    • Portland State: Feb. 1
    • Oregon State: Feb. 1
    • U of Oregon: Feb. 15


Wait to hear:

  • Check your email for notification
  • You may need to follow up, so it’s important to also check your spam folder
  • If you win a scholarship, get in touch with the scholarship or financial aid office at the school you plan to attend and make sure you meet the requirements for the scholarships (such as full-time enrollment, etc.)
  • If you win, write thank you letters to the donors and let your references and TRIO Advisor know
  • If you don’t win, don’t give up! Try again next year, and continue to revise your essays

Scholarship Resources

Oregon Diversity Scholarships