TRIO SSS tutoring

In addition to the resources Cascade students can use at our Learning Center and Writing Center, TRIO provides students who are participants in the Program with access to one-on-one Writing tutoring and small-group or one-on-one Math tutoring that is just for TRIO students.

TRIO students are able to book appointments with our two Writing tutors in advance. Math tutoring is typically drop-in and most often it is one-on-one. Our tutors work with a lower volume of students because they are dedicated to supporting students admitted to the TRIO SSS Program.

Tutoring takes place on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building, where the TRIO SSS office is located.

Would you like to become a TRIO Math or Writing Tutor?

Please send an email expressing your interest to our Program Director and Program Assistant at, and to Amanda Harrison, our Cascade Learning Center Coordinator, at Please attach any transcripts from other schools and/or include your PCC ID (G) number. Tutors must go through training with the campus Learning Center prior to joining the TRIO staff. This ensures that a tutor is confident in their subject area and could mean opportunities to tutor elsewhere at PCC!