PCC QRC Pressent OUTList +Aspiring Allies ListThe Queer Resource Centers are excited to announce the PCC OUTList! Faculty and staff sign up to create a visible presence of the LGBTQ+ community at PCC as one of the many intentional ways we build an inclusive, welcoming campus environment. Students and peers may use this list to identify mentors or a supportive person who can share in their experience as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This list serves as a way to help students, faculty, and staff know they are not alone!
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Aspiring Allies List

The Aspiring Allies List is available on the 2nd tab of the OUTList. Aspiring allies are members of a dominant identity group who work to end oppression through centering and supporting an oppressed identity group. By signing up as an aspiring ally, the faculty and staff listed are announcing a public commitment to challenge themselves; actively pursue growth in their knowledge, skills, and awareness related to issues impacting LGBTQ+ communities; and seek opportunities to demonstrate their allyship and commitment to ending oppression.

Why “Aspiring” Allies?

We use the term “aspiring ally” because we know that allyship is an action, not a title; that allyship is an ongoing process, never a “one-and-done”; and that it is up to members of marginalized communities to decide who their allies are and what allyship looks, acts, feels, and sounds like.


Participation is open to all current PCC faculty and staff. Participation in either list is totally optional and voluntary. The Queer Resource Centers advertise the sign up form once annually via MyPCCAnnounce. Once you’re signed up, you do not need to complete the form again. To sign up anytime, email qrc@pcc.edu from your PCC email address and request a link to the registration form.

Update Your Information

If you are leaving the college or wish to be removed at any time for any reason, simply contact qrc@pcc.edu. In order to keep our list up to date, the QRCs will routinely remove faculty and staff who are no longer at PCC but did not submit a removal request. To make an edit to your listing, email qrc@pcc.edu from your PCC email address. Please note we will not accept requests for edits on another person’s behalf.