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Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee

The Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee (GIS) is a district-wide committee open to students, staff, and faculty. The GIS was originally formed as the Gender Neutral Bathroom Task Force (GNB) in 2012 to advocate for increased bathroom access through all gender bathroom construction. In 2013, the GNB Task Force was re-named the Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee to reflect an expanded focus on issues of access and inclusivity that may arise for trans and gender diverse community members at PCC included, but not limited to, bathrooms.

The tasks of the GIS are to identify spaces, policies, and practices at the college that pose barriers to a safer and accessible educational experience that supports the academic, professional, and personal development of trans and gender diverse individuals; to conduct educational outreach regarding the initiatives taken up by the committee; to make recommendations of trans culturally responsive and gender inclusive policies and practices; and to stand with individual trans and gender diverse community members, lift their voices, and advocate for their needs.

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Current initiatives