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#IllGoWithYou campaign

When transgender and gender-diverse people use gendered bathrooms (“mens” and “womens”), they face the possibility of harassment or violence.

In support of transgender and gender-diverse members of the PCC community, we are launching the #IllGoWithYou campaign across the district.

To support the campaign pick up your #IllGoWithYou button or sticker at any Queer Resource Center:

  • Cascade: Cascade Hall, Room 206
  • Rock Creek: Building 5, Room 121
  • Southeast: Mt Tabor Hall, Room 149
  • Sylvania: Campus Center, Room 228

How it works

If you see the #IllGoWithYou button around PCC, that person is participating in the campaign. You can ask that person to accompany you in a gendered space. If you wear the #IllGoWithYou button you may be approached by someone who needs a buddy!

Wearing a PCC #IllGoWithYou button signifies you will:

  • Support transgender and gender-diverse people by being a bathroom buddy if asked.
  • Offer support, buffering, and nonviolent assistance when asked.
  • Use gendered (“mens” and “womens”) restrooms if you are willing and able.
    • For every all gender toilet at PCC there are four toilets available in multi-stall gendered restrooms. All gender bathrooms can be the most accessible restroom option for transgender people, student parents with kids, and people with disabilities, but there are often long lines. If you can use another toilet, please do so!

Campaign history

#IllGoWithYou is a national campaign that PCC has adopted. The original #IllGoWithYou campaign was created in response to the increasing harassment and violence that transgender and gender-diverse people face when going to the restroom. The campaign aims to connect people who are concerned about their safety with a bathroom buddy, a watch-your-back person, or a stand-up-for-you person.

See more information about the national #IllGoWithYou campaign.

In 2016 students working at PCC’s Queer Resource Centers brought the campaign to the Gender Inclusive Spaces Committee, where it was officially adopted as a priority for the 2016-17 academic year. Now a broad coalition of students, staff, instructors, departments, and centers has come together to support this work and our transgender & gender diverse panther community.

We hope you will join us.