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Three students in a dark room with video camera equipment

Video production and multimedia specialists design and produce dynamic content for business, marketing, education, training, and entertainment applications.

The Oregon Employment Department forecasts that Portland area employment of multimedia artists and animators is estimated to increase through the next ten years:

  • Multimedia Artists and Animators: 24.2% expected growth
  • Camera Operators: 14.9% expected growth
  • Video Editors: 27.8% expected growth
  • Producers and Directors: 27.8% expected growth

Why choose Multimedia at PCC?


The Oregon Employment Department reports Portland area multimedia artists and animators earn from $24.71 to $79.17 per hour. The average annual salary is $101,912.

More information about the program

Portland Community College’s Multimedia program provides an affordable alternative with numerous resources. We offer you cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable guidance through the world of multimedia, and the ability to master industry-standard applications. With several open labs, two of which have 50 state-of-the-art Apple workstations, and a variety of course concentrations, you’ll find the resources and individualized attention you need to build a solid foundation in contemporary multimedia authoring.

Real-world experience

We offer you work experience while enrolled in the Multimedia program. Through our cooperative education program, you’ll intern with professionals to learn the skills demanded in today’s multimedia industry.

What will you learn?

You develop fundamental skills in design, production, and project management, including real-world assignments that engender collaboration. Our emphasis on acquiring proficiency in multimedia applications is reflected in the broad array of available courses, which include:

Class information

    • Video production industry workflow
    • Digital video editing and post production
    • Narrative, documentary, VFX and client video production skills
    • Production set crew roles
    • Directing
    • Cinematography and Lighting
    • Emerging Tech skills: Drone video, 360 VR video, Game Engine tech
    • Sound Mixing and recording
    • Screenwriting
    • Motion graphics
    • Compositing and visual effects
    • 2D and 3D animation
    • 3D Modeling and character rigging
    • Multimedia design
    • Immersive Technology including AR / VR
    • Interactive Storytelling

    What will you do?

    Our program will prepare you for entry-level employment as a:

    • Post production specialist
    • Assistant editor
    • Freelance videographer
    • Production crew
    • Production assistant
    • Camera assistant
    • Camera operator
    • Director
    • Cinematographer
    • Boom operator / Sound mixer assistant
    • Live event camera operator
    • Art dept crew
    • 3D Modeling & assistant animator
    • Motion graphics
    • Digital artist

    Who will hire you?

    Some recent graduates of the PCC Multimedia program found employment as:

    • Editor and assistant editor
    • Freelance videographers
    • Camera operator
    • Production assistants
    • Multimedia and video specialists
    • Studio equipment tech
    • Project coordinator
    • Assistant director
    • Art department crew
    • Grip and lighting crew
    • Compositor
    • Drone operator
    • Media production crew
    • Stop motion camera assistant
    • Marketing multimedia specialist
    • Documentary crew
    • Video production instructor