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Gerontology Program

Sylvania SS 1 | Program Director: Jan Abushakrah | gero@pcc.edu

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GRN172 Adult Care Home Training

GRN 172 Adult Care Home Training (CRN 30421) for Summer 2020 will be offered online and remotely from July 13 through August 2, with two Zoom meetings on August 1 and August 18 (also recorded). Learn more about registration and enrollment information.

Adult Care Home Training is required for all ACH operators/owners and resident managers. View the State of Oregon qualifications.

For Multnomah County, visit multco.us. For additional information, contact April Quast, Training Coordinator, at april.quast@multco.us or 503-988-8328.

Gerontology is an exciting and dynamic field. Careers in gerontology are one of the largest growing areas in the 21st century workplace, and PCC's Gerontology Program is on the cutting edge of these opportunities. Our program is one of the best in the field. PCC's Gerontology Students and Faculty share a passion to explore the possibilities and opportunities that are rapidly emerging in the Field of Aging.

Our program is designed for you

Geronauts are individuals who:

  • Wish to develop new careers in the Field of Aging,
  • Are already active in Gerontology (or in related fields), wishing to enhance their career paths, and
  • Seek challenging and meaningful career changes in response to new opportunities created by an aging society.

In our program we reimagine aging and seek to provoke culture change. Grounded in the new aging, we assist students in designing and developing new career opportunities and create new undertakings using promising, evidence-based research. Graduates of this program will develop necessary skills through interdisciplinary core courses and electives tailored toward their unique career goals. Our internships, mentorships and career coaching prepare students to create individualized career paths in service industries responding to new definitions of what it means to be an older person in our world today.

Our program is value driven

We value:

  • Teaching about aging.
  • Promoting optimal aging for everyone.
  • Supporting encore learners, and thereby benefiting all learners.
  • Creating culture change agents and advocates for older persons.
  • Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in students to forge new paths in an emerging field.
  • Encouraging creative innovation.
  • Remaining at the cutting edge of this emerging field.
  • Affirming PCC's Commitments as both Ageless and for all ages.

Our program is career oriented

In this program, job prospects for students are good. To that end we offer an AAS Degree and several certificates.

As well as these offerings, we collaborate with other PCC programs to offer certificates combining their discipline and aging: Interior Design offers the Design for Accessibility and Aging in Place Certificate, and Fitness Technology offers the Healthy Older Adult Fitness Certificate. In addition, students can earn co-degrees and/or co-certificates in Gerontology and Fitness Technology. Outside of PCC, we have Transfer Agreements with other colleges with Bachelor Programs in Gerontology and other fields.

Our program offers unique student supports for encore learners.

Two thirds of our approximate 200 Gerontology majors are 40+, half are 50+.

  • Older adult andragogyThe Aging Mind course, blended-applied-flexible learning, GRN online homeroom (in D2L), ageless network student club
  • Encore career development – career pathways, job skills workshops, internships, networks career management strategies – assessment, planning, job tools, and learning outcomes & career e-portfolios
  • Entrepreneurial thinking – exploring opportunities, creating new jobs and enterprises, our connections
  • Intentional internship sites that lead directly to career opportunities
  • Advising teams for new curriculum and certificate development
  • Joint projects and collaborations (Second Wind Tour, Work After 50, Healthy Aging)

We want you to succeed.

What's Next?

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  1. Apply for admission to PCC
  2. Join the Gerontology Program to start receiving our eNewsletter.
  3. Submit an official copy of your transcripts from any other institutions attended to:
    • Gerontology Program SY SS215
      Portland Community College
      12000 SW 49th Avenue, Portland, OR 97219
  4. Request an appointment to meet with an Advisor in person or by telephone: 971-722-8254, ger@pcc.edu.
  5. Learn how to link your passion with the opportunities through GRN181 Exploring the Field of Aging, (2 credits). Offered every term.

Taskforce on Aging

In response to Oregon's aging demographic and the projected aging of PCC's student body and Oregon's workforce, the College convened a Taskforce on Aging. Learn more about the taskforce and how members of the Gerontology Program are involved.

Program Review

December 2014

Outside Resources

Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, The Gerontological Society of America, American Society on Aging, Encore.org, Changingaging.org

Student Services available at a Distance

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