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Program overview

Meets FAA standards

The AMT program curriculum is the standard FAA curriculum used in all FAA Part 147 AMT schools. The program operates on a four-week modular class structure, with new students starting in fall or winter terms.

Federal Aviation Regulation 14 CFR Part 65 sets forth the qualification, testing, and certification requirements for mechanics and other aviation personnel.

Mechanic privileges include:
  • performing maintenance
  • supervising others in the performance of maintenance
  • performing airworthiness inspections

Along with these privileges goes the responsibility to sign legal documents, which state to the operator of the aircraft and the flying public that the aircraft is safe for flight.

Class requirements

A toolset is required to begin the program. Expect about two hours per day for homework and research. Each module is four weeks long and usually contains 90 hours of instruction. You study each module sequentially over 23 months. The module provides a series of experiences very similar to working in the industry.

As progress continues from module to module, you gain knowledge and develop skills as a generalist. However, you learn during each module from the specialist’s perspective.

Our practicum courses are provided to help you prepare for the FAA mechanic’s certificate with Airframe and/or Powerplant ratings. Our pass rate for the FAA exams is exceptionally high.


Almost all classes are scheduled from 7am to noon, Monday through Friday with afternoons and evenings available for you to work if necessary. Classes average 50% lecture and 50% lab. Students will be able to finish the program within 23 months, which includes summer sessions.

We believe you will find aviation maintenance technology a rewarding and exciting career. There will be many challenges, but each one of them will provide a new opportunity for personal satisfaction and self-actualization.

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