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Getting started

New students can start every Fall or Winter term or every other Spring term (odd years only). Space in this program is limited: there is room for 20 new students in each fall, winter and every other spring.


All classes in this program have the following prerequisites:

  • Placement into RD 90: Reading or higher.
  • Placement into WR 90: Writing or higher.
  • Completion of AMT 101: Intro to Aviation Maintenance. This 1 credit, 2-day class is offered once every term.
  • Math competency – see below.
About math competency

Math competency is met by successful completion (“C” or higher) of PCC Math 60, or by successful completion (70% minimum) of the AMT Department Math Competency Test. When math competency is met, the FAA will grant 55 hours toward the total program time requirement (this is discussed in detail in AMT 101). To take the math competency test, contact Larisa Fedorkova-Felty for a permission form.

Your first term

After completing the prerequisites, all students start with:

  • AMT 105: Aviation CFRs and Related Subjects
  • AMT 106: Aircraft Applied Science
  • AMT 107: Materials & Processes

These classes (and their waitlist) tend to fill by the end of the third day of registration, so register early.

Transfer students

If you are transferring from another AMT Part 147 school, or if you have an FAA signoff for AMT testing and are only interested in certain classes, we may be able to schedule you into classes on a space-available basis. You will need to make an appointment with the AMT department chair to review your transcripts and outcomes for your already completed coursework. The department chair will work with you to create an academic plan to meet your certification needs.