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Current training agents


Register a new apprentice

If you are already a registered training agent, you may register a new apprentice in the same trade at any regularly scheduled meeting of the JATC. Follow the checklist below to get ready.

Preparation checklist
  • Do I have an employee to serve as a journey worker for the new apprentice?
  • Have I selected – or have a plan for selecting the new apprentice?
  • Have I identified the JATC meeting when my apprentice will be registered and confirmed the application deadlines for that meeting date?
  • Do I know when my new apprentice will start class and for which class they will register?
Apprentice application process

Once you have selected your new apprentice, they will be responsible for submitting an application to the Committee online using the TradeSchool software. Please direct them to this detailed information about what to expect as an apprentice and how to apply.

As part of the apprentice application process, your applicant will be asked to submit documentation from you confirming their selection as your apprentice and certifying the eligibility of your journey workers but that information will be uploaded as part of their apprentice application. You are not required to submit anything separately.

Remember, Apprentice application paperwork must be submitted 10 business days before the Committee meeting at which you are asking to be considered. Check the Committee meeting schedules.