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MA #1146 Pacific Northwest Industrial Maintenance & Millwright JATC

The MA #1146 Pacific Northwest Industrial Maintenance & Millwright JATC is registered to train apprentices in two trades: Industrial Millwright (MW) and Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (IMM). The MW program consists of 8,000 on-the-job training hours and four years of core classes. The IMM program consists of 10,000 on-the-job training hours and five years of core classes. After the MW program, the apprentice receives a journey card. Under their Journey Card, Millwrights repair, replace, maintain and install machinery in factories, such as conveyor systems, escalators, electrical turbines, overhead cranes, blast furnaces, and electrical generators. Millwrights carry out precision work in manufacturing and processing plants working indoors and outdoors with machine tools and precision instruments. This work requires a keen eye for a perfect fit, as Millwright’s work to specifications of a thousandth of an inch. They are required to weld, fabricate, and work with hydraulics and pneumatics. Millwrights may maintain the physical plant as well. This job is physically demanding. After the IMM program, the apprentice receives a journey card and is eligible to test for their LME license. The LME license allows the holder to repair, replace, and maintain electrical equipment of a type normally found in an industrial plant, commercial office building, or building owned and operated by the state, a local government entity, or institution. The installation of new electrical equipment is not allowed.

The MA #1146 JATC meets four times per year to conduct business. The Committee is governed by a policy document and a State-approved Standard for each trade. Please refer to the Standard for details about each program.

All apprenticeship classes are open enrollment and open to the general public who meet the required prerequisites. However, students are only eligible for a journey card or to sit for a licensing exam upon successful completion of a registered apprenticeship program as administered by a registered JATC. To officially register for and earn hours through an apprentice program, students must be currently employed and sponsored by an approved employer. PCC is not currently able to place students in employment for apprenticeship purposes.

Millwright & Industrial Maintenance Mechanic apprentices take a core class every term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). At this time, Term 1 begins in Fall term. However, an apprentice may begin their program at any term during the year. If an apprentice begins their program in a term when their core class is unavailable they must enroll in an approved elective from the training committee’s list of approved electives.

Booklists for all classes are available through the PCC Cascade Bookstore and may be purchased in person from the bookstore or online from the PCC bookstore or any online retailer.

See a schedule for the current term.

MW Apprentice class schedule

Term Course number and name Credits
First year
Term 1 (fall) APR 160: Intro to Industrial Maintenance 4
CEU 925P: Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades 8 CEU
CEU 3965: Cultural Competency
Term 2 (winter) APR 162: Calculations for the Trades 4
ELT 120: OSHA 10 General Industry 1
Term 3 (spring) APR 164: Industial Blueprints & Schematics for the Trades 2
Term 4 (summer) APR 166: Industrial Rigging 2
Second year
Term 5 (fall) APR 101: LME Electrical Theory Fundamentals 3
CEU 925P: Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades 8 CEU
Term 6 (winter) APR 102: LME DC Motors 3
Term 7 (spring) APR 103: LME AC Motors and Transformer 3
Term 8 (summer) APR 104: LME Luminaires & Equipment 4
Third year
Term 9 (winter) APR 168: Intro to Bearings, Seals & Lubrication 3
CEU 925P: Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades 8 CEU
Term 10 (winter) APR 170: Power Transmission Systems 3
Term 11 (spring) APR 172: Introduction to Hydraulics 3
Term 12 (summer) WLD 101: Welding Processes & Applications 4
Fourth year
Term 13 (fall) APR 260: Pneumatic System Operations 4
CEU 925P: Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades 8 CEU
Term 14 (winter) APR 264: Mechanical Drive Alignment 3
Term 15 (spring) APR 266: Predictive Maintenance Technologies 4
Term 16 (summer) WLD 176A: Beginning Fabrication Welding Practice 3
Fifth year
Term 17 (fall) APR 201: Electric Motor Controls 2
CEU 925P: Coyne 1st Aid/CPR for Trades 8 CEU
Term 18 (winter) APR 202: LME: Electrical Code I 4
Term 19 (spring) APR 203: LME: Electrical Code II 4
Term 20 (summer) APR 204-LME: Electrical Code III 4