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Electrical license renewal and continuing education

Let PCC help keep your electrical training current and advance your career! PCC is an approved continuing education training agent for journey-level license holders seeking electrical license renewal through the State of Oregon Electrical Licensing Division. PCC’s program provides both on- and off-site, journey-level upgrade classes following the training laws for the State of Oregon. Our classes offer the latest training in the electrical profession. Each course meets the requirements of the Oregon State Electrical Board for continuing education for license renewal. These classes can be used to meet the Washington State requirements through the WA/OR reciprocal agreement.

See the list of approved Electrical License Renewal classes and hours. Please note: all approved classes are not offered every term.

Full-term (10-week) courses

Some of the regular courses offered in the Apprenticeship & Trades department are approved to fulfill license renewal requirements. A variety of classes are offered with varying Electrical License Renewal hours. Students interested in taking regular department courses for license renewal must contact the Department before registering for a course. These classes coupled with a journey card can also be used toward obtaining a degree in the electrical field. For more information about the full-term classes for license renewal or degree fulfillment, call 971-722-5650 or email trades@pcc.edu.

Saturday 8-hour courses

Saturday 8-hour courses for license renewal are offered through PCC Professional Development and Training. Each class offers 8 hours of Electrical License Renewal hours. For more information about the 8-hour Saturday classes, contact Professional Development and Training at 971-722-6969, professional.training@pcc.edu, or check the current term class schedule.