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Project Management

Learn project management fundamentals and improve your productivity and performance.

Project Management Fundamentals

You will learn to:

  • Prepare key elements of the project management plan (PMP) for the entire project cycle featuring both “hard” and “power soft skills” following a model project and soft skill checklist
  • Create key process documents, including the business or needs analysis case, project objectives and scope, project requirements,, project risk register, the stakeholder register, WBS, reporting and close-out documents.
  • Skill building to market ideas and pitch a project
  • Learn how projects support the organization’s strategic plan from the vision statement organization goals to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and supporting OKR’S. (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Guide a project through the close-out process watching out for common mistakes.

In addition, you’ll receive a copy of Your Winning Project, a practical step by step guide to preparing your own project management plan, for immediate reference on the job site.

A key deliverable is a Project Model for future reference for all your projects.

Note: Our project management courses count toward your PMP certification credits. However, we don’t offer a PMP certification program through Professional Development and Training.

Course Planning Guide

Spring 2024
May 23. 8:30am-4:20pm
Instructor: VanHeuval
Where: Remote
Tuition: $195

Summer 2024
July 11, 9am-4:20pm
Instructor: VanHeuval
Where: Remote
Tuition: $195
Registration begins May 29

Meet the Instructor

Mark J. Van Heuvel

Mark J. Van Heuvel is an adjunct faculty member instructing various courses in Project Management, Principles of Management, Stress Management, and other courses. Mark holds an MBA and is Managing Director of Laren Group LLC, a west coast commercial real estate firm. Mark has authored numerous publications including Your Winning Project, Before You Buy a Business, and many others.


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