Choose your direction

What’s your major?

Find your degree and major on the MyPCC home tab. If it says “undeclared“, that means you aren’t working toward a degree at PCC. Undeclared students aren’t eligible for financial aid. They also register for classes after everybody who has declared a degree.

Where are you headed?

To choose a degree that makes sense for you, first you need to know where you want to end up. Do you know the job title you’d like to have someday? The industry you want to enter? The four-year degree you’re going to earn?

Maybe you’re still thinking – that’s okay, there’s a plan for you, too.

I know what I want to do!

Here’s how to choose the degree that best matches your career goal.

  1. How many years of school?

    Figure out how much school you’ll need for your specific career:

  2. Meet with an advisor

    Talk to an academic advisor about which degree is best for you. Once you have decided, log in to MyPCC and choose your major and degree.

I’m still exploring…

Still figuring it out? That’s okay. You can start your time in college without knowing exactly where you’ll end up.

  1. Choose a career

    The How to choose a career track will guide you through steps designed to help you decide what you want to do while you’re in school.

  2. Review your goal along the way

    Keep thinking about where you want to go with your education as you take classes. If you find a subject that is appealing to you, contact a Career Exploration Center and talk to staff about your goals and options. See more about goal setting.

  3. Don’t wait too long

    It’s normal to take time exploring options, but you don’t want to stay undecided for too long or you’ll spend money taking unnecessary classes. If you’re borrowing to pay for school, you won’t want to make monthly student loan payments on classes that you didn’t need.

College lingo

  • Academic advisor: At PCC, academic advisors help you plan your courses based on your educational goal. See an advisor if you’re planning to transfer or you want general information about PCC programs.
  • Counselor: PCC counselors can help you develop academic, personal, and career goals. After you have a goal, an academic advisor can help you create a plan to meet that goal. Visit counseling services to schedule an appointment.