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Online learning options

Online Learning  at PCC is a convenient and flexible way to take classes. When registering for a class, make sure to take note of the instructional method code noted in the schedule.

web-classesWeb based classes give you the freedom to complete educational goals while working and taking care of family responsibilities. Students are able to schedule classes and study around their responsibilities.

Hybrid classes combine in-class and online instruction. You will be required to meet on campus and complete activities online.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register for an online learning class?

Registering for an online class is the same as registering for an on-campus class.

Visit the Registration page for instructions.

Can I register for classes late?

Once classes begin, you will not be able to add an online class without instructor permission. For advice on getting into a class that has already started, please see the When to Register page.

How much do online classes cost?

Tuition for online classes is the same as tuition for on-campus credit classes, but there is an additional distance learning fee applied.

See the Tuition and Fees for Credit Classes page for information.

Are online learning credits transferable to other colleges?

As with all PCC classes, online learning credits are transferable. If you are considering transferring PCC credits to a college or university, be sure to check with an advisor at that institution to make sure the institution will accept PCC classes as transfer credit. The decision will be based on the content, not on the course delivery method.

What kind of degrees or certificates can I earn through PCC’s online learning classes?

See the Planning classes and degrees page. Also, consult with an academic advisor for additional help planning your academic career. Academic advisors will take phone appointments if you cannot come into the office.

Can I take online or hybrid classes when receiving veterans benefits?

There are some restrictions placed on students receiving VA benefits and the types of classes you can take. Please contact the Veterans Education Benefits office for clarification.

Who should I contact with questions regarding online learning?

Email shd@pcc.edu or call 971-722-8222

From our students

"In PCC's Online program... creativity is fostered, critical thinking is encouraged and clear communication is stronger than in any other medium."

-Christina A. Parsons, Student


"This is the third class I am taking online, and I am very happy with how everything is going. I can schedule classes around my busy life and learn from home at any time. My instructor is great, and it seems like he is there 24 hours a day to answer our questions. The Technical Support works very well too."

-Petra Crebs-Silk, Student