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Improve your course management skills

The Art of Online Course Management

The online field continues to grow, and new articles appear all the time with suggestions on course management skills. We recommend this very popular and useful article on online class management (available thru the PCC library).
Shay Rahm-Barnett and Daniel P. Donaldson. “5-4-3-2-1 Countdown to Course Management.” Online Cl@ssroom (March 2008). Magna Publications, Inc, Madison, WI. Pages 2 and 8.
This article offers practical tips for managing an online course:

  • Check email five days per week (and no more)
  • Check in with four individual students per week
  • Check all links, pages, and other resources three days per week
  • Bring the course “to life” (by posting announcements, for example) two times per week
  • Grade one time per week