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Get to know your online faculty mentor

Online faculty mentors at PCC offer guidance through the online course development and course revision process. They help train new online instructors and help promote a number of best practices in online teaching, especially within the subject areas they are responsible for. You can see a list of mentor tasks and are welcome to contact one of the mentors if you are in need of course design guidance, or even if you simply need someone to brainstorm ideas with.

Find your mentor

Department Mentor
ABE – RD/WR Kaminski
ABE – MTH Fong
Alcohol & Drug Counseling McBeth
Anthropology McBeth
Architectural Design/Drafting Seaman
Art Seaman
Auto Collision Repair Seaman
Aviation Maintenance Technology Seaman
Aviation Science Seaman
Biology Kaminski
Bioscience Technology Kaminski
Building Construction Technology Seaman
Building Inspection Technology Seaman
Business Administration Wheatcraft
Career Guidance and College Success Kaminski
Chemistry Lee
Chicano Latino Studies Seaman
Child & Family Studies Kaminski
Civil Engineering Kaminski
Communication Studies Williams
Computer Aided Design & Drafting Kaminski
Computer Applications & Office Systems Meisner
Computer Information Systems McMillen
Computer Science Jones
Criminal Justice McBeth
Dance Seaman
Dental Assisting Kaminski
Dental Hygiene Kaminski
Dental Technology Kaminski
Diesel Technology Seaman
Economics Wheatcraft
Education Williams
Electrical Trades Seaman
Electronic Engineering Technology Kaminski
Emergency Medical Services Kaminski
Emergency TeleCommunicator
Engineering Kaminski
English Montone
Environmental Studies Kaminski
ESOL Kaminski
Ethnic Studies Robinson
Exercise Science Eaton
Facilities Maintenance Seaman
Fire Protection Seaman
Foods and Nutrition Eaton
French Kaminski
General Science Lee
Geography Seaman
Geology Lee
German Kaminski
Gerontology McBeth
Graphic Design Seaman
Health Education Eaton
Health Information Management Kaminski
History Seaman
Humanities Seaman
Interior Design Seaman
Japanese Kaminski
Journalism Williams
Landscape Technology Seaman
Library Seaman
Machine Manufacturing Technology Seaman
Management and Supervisory Development Robinson
Mathematics Fong
Mechanical Engineering Technology Kaminski
Medical Assisting Kaminski
Medical Laboratory Technology Kaminski
Medical Professions Kaminski
Microelectronics Technology Kaminski
MRI Kaminski
Music Kaminski
Nursing Kaminski
Ophthalmic Medical Technician Kaminski
Paralegal Robinson
Philosophy Seaman
Physical Education Eaton
Physics Lee
Political Science McBeth
Psychology McBeth
Radiography Kaminski
Reading Montone
Real Estate Robinson
Refrigeraton/HVAC Seaman
Religion Seaman
Russian Kaminski
Sign Language Kaminski
Sociology McBeth
Spanish Kaminski
Theater Arts Seaman
Veterinary Technology Kaminski
Welding Technology Seaman
Women’s Studies Robinson
Writing Montone

Meet the mentors

Alma Eaton

Alma Eaton
PE & Exercise Science, SY

Austina Fong

Austina Fong
Math, RC

Robert McMillen

Robert McMillen
Computer Info Systems, SY

Greg Kaminski

Greg Kaminski
Online Learning

Doug Jones

Doug Jones
Computer Science, SY

Rod Lee

Rod Lee
Physics, SY

Tani McBeth

Tani McBeth
Psychology, SY

Paul Montone

Paul Montone
English, SE

Peter Seaman

Peter Seaman
Online Learning

Paul Wheatcraft

Paul Wheatcraft
Business, SY

Stacie Williams

Stacie Williams
Communications Studies, RC