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Enhancing your course with media

The ability to add media enhancements to your lessons is a great advantage of teaching online.

Media in your online course allows you to

Add your personal voice and presence
Instructor Tani McBeth uses a simple webcam video to introduce herself to her students.
Incorporate gesture and body language into your online lectures
Instructor Haitham Abdel-Hadi uses Learning Glass to engage students and focus attention while explaining accounting concepts. For further Learning Glass samples, please see our YouTube Playlist.
Use brief targeted media to clarify concepts
Instructor Marla Spadaford uses video to show the specifics of a one-handed IV start for CLIMB healthcare professional.
Highlight important points in your curriculum
Instructor Mandy Ellertson introduces her course with a brief video that presents the value of studying the humanities.
Summarize lessons
Instructor Terry Foty uses video to present a summary of his lessons in his own voice.
Reinforce instruction
The ESOL program interviews instructional designer Peter Seaman about riding his bike to help learners hear English being spoken in context.
Engage learners with multiple communication modes
Instructor Kandace Kling captures a notation displayed math problem that she solves step by step while verbally describing the process throughout.
Immerse learners with media rich narratives
Immedgineer Monica Marlo captures the action of a character in a virtual world to introduce students to an immersive learning environment.

The Instructional Support website has some general instructions on finding or creating media for your course.